Wanda Nara uploaded a photo to the networks and her fans did not forgive a detail

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Wanda Nara continues to enjoy her excellent work present. After the opening of her cosmetics store on her way through Argentina, the businesswoman announced with a brief message that she was doomed to a new project. Finally, Nara revealed that it was about a collection of swimsuits called Wanda Swim, and it is she herself who shapes her creations.

However, her high media exposure does not always give her good results, and this could be seen in her recent Instagram post, in which she is seen posing with a black bikini of her brand, with her hair down and with nature as context. Wanda’s summer photo garnered 300 thousand “likes” in a few hours, but her followers did not forgive her for an alleged excess of filtering.

“She appears in all the different photos, it is a pity that she does not show how she really is”, “I do not know what her life will be like outside of Instagram, but she wants to pretend”, “We are looking for a real world”, “Is it real anque Is it the bikini? “,” So many filters … “were just some of the comments that his followers slipped into the publication, where they also marked the contradiction of promoting a product but altering the image.

This is not the first time that Wanda has been written to with that objective. When he showed one of his tights, the same controversy was also generated. “Here is Photoshop”; “Show yourself as you are!“; “I would like to see it as it is, without so much Photoshop”; were some of the reactions of the users.

Likewise, Luciana Danduono, founder of the brand Mumbai Bikinis, communicated to his 37 thousand followers that Wanda had copied the “Ingrid” model from her collection. “I am outraged because it is a mine that a designer can easily pay, someone who takes care of everything … I can’t believe it! ”, he posted on his Instagram stories.

An entrepreneur accused & # xf3; Wanda Nara to copy one of her designs Source: Instagram

An entrepreneur accused Wanda Nara of copying one of her designs Source: Instagram

“I know where the thing comes from. I’m sure the one he’s wearing is directly a sample of mineIt is not a sample that he copied the same ”, explained Danduono in a video. “It is a model designed within our offices, by our designers, it is not a model that we have taken from nowhereWe did them two years in a row with two different providers “, he detailed, showing a capture, and then added:”I already know that I can’t do anything because I have to patent the models, but impunity, bar”.

Mauro Icardi lit & # xf3; alarm them by talking about the possibility of having another child with Wanda

Mauro Icardi set off the alarms when talking about the possibility of having another child with Wanda

Pregnancy rumors and curious message

Mauro Icardi set off the alarms when talking about the possibility of having another child with Wanda

Reconciled and with the “WandaGate” in the past, Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi began to show signs on their social networks of their desire to be parents again. Rumors of pregnancy have been flying over the businesswoman since November, when she reconciled with the footballer after her affair with Eugenia “la China” Suárez, but both spoke about it in the framework of the end of the year celebrations, and they did so in a very curious way.

On December 29, Icardi conducted a survey among his followers. Along with a photo with Wanda, he asked them what they thought she was asking of him at the time. “Going on a trip”, “Having a child” or “Going to take a nap” were his options. The right answer? As he himself remarked, it was the second. The posting caused a cataract of repercussions. “To be continued,” added Wanda, thus leaving the door ajar. The assembled family is composed of Valentino, Constantino and Benedict, children of Nara fruit of their marriage with Maxi lopez, Y Francesca and Isabella, the children he had from his relationship with Icardi.

The family together at parties

The family together at parties (Instagram /)

When Zaira Nara was asked about it, Wanda’s sister was adamant. “Yesterday there was a friend’s baby and my sister’s five children, plus two of mine, and I asked Wanda’s children if they would like to have another brother. They said no. They do not want to. Neither wants. They are already a lot“, Expressed the model and host in the magazine Team flower (Telefe).


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Wanda Nara uploaded a photo to the networks and her fans did not forgive a detail