Wanda Nara’s gesture with Mauro Icardi amid rumors of crisis and waiting for an official statement

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi
Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

They will communicate what they have to communicate soon”, said Natacha Eguía, a friend of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi and the only one that has been expressed so far in the midst of new rumors of a marital crisis between the couple. It all started last Saturday when the PSG footballer first stopped following his wife, after she had gone out to eat with his friend and her stylist Kennys Palacios, and later directly chose to close the Instagram profile of her.

Something that she had already done before when they were separated last October when she wanted to divorce after first discovering calls and messages with Eugenia the China Suarez and later confirmed that her husband had had a meeting in a hotel in Paris, reservation that he himself had made using the name of a polo player. For instance, his brother-in-law Jacob Von Plessen -Zaira Nara’s partner- was an accomplice since he accompanied the player while the businesswoman and her sister had traveled to Milan to attend Fashion Week.

After a crisis and attempted divorce, the couple decided to bet on their marriage and the family they formed and when it seemed that they had returned to normal, new versions of the scandal emerged. It all came to light when Angel of Brito He said that he had received a message with a claim from Icardi’s Instagram account, but the journalist considered that it was not he who had written to him. Before, he had interacted with his followers on the social network and had commented on that meeting between the footballer and China Suárez.

Ángel de Brito showed the message he received from Mauro Icardi's Instagram account
Ángel de Brito showed the message he received from Mauro Icardi’s Instagram account

“Do you think that China and Icardi had sex?”users wanted to know. “Obvious”, said the former driver of THE M generated an immediate reaction from Paris. “Are you so sure it’s so obvious? Hmmm…. Better ask your informants. I assure you that NOwas the message he received from Icardi’s account. “I’m not sure. It is an opinion. Otherwise I would say ‘I confirm’. Are you Mauro or are you Wanda?De Brito answered and got no more answers. What happened next is known: Icardi stopped following his wife and removed his profile from the social network.

Since then, the businesswoman has avoided expressing herself through her social networks and limited herself to showing what her activities had been with her children: “school, soccer, private French classes, walk, pool, games, bathroom, dinner at 8 p.m. hours”, he listed and clarified that everything was “for five” referring to Valentino, Constantino, Benedicto, Francesca and Isabella.

But what he failed to tell on his social networks is that he also attended the court. PSG was eliminated on penalties against Nice in the round of 16 of the French Cup and Wanda Nara was in the audience along with valentine. The model showed that they were inside a car, without clarifying the destination. And it was the eldest son he had with Maxi López who was in charge of revealing it: he published a video from the stadium’s grandstand.

Wanda Nara’s gesture with Mauro Icardi amid crisis rumors (Video: Instagram)

While an official statement from one of the protagonists is awaited, it is unknown if Wanda Nara attended the match to encourage her husband or if she did so in her role as representative. For example, in Europe the versions began to sound that the Argentine player could leave PSG and be transferred to Barcelona, from Spain. In such a way that the businesswoman could be in charge of said negotiations.

In the event that the pass is carried out, Wanda and Icardi will not only have to express themselves publicly about their marital situation but, if they go to Spain together, they will probably have to look for a house in the Spanish city, as well as a new school for their children.


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Wanda Nara’s gesture with Mauro Icardi amid rumors of crisis and waiting for an official statement