“We couldn’t believe it”, This was the great celebration of “Los Nodeli”

Belinda Y Christian nodal recently shared on social networks the unforgettable Christmas evening that they enjoyed with their family and their partner.

The singer Spanish, Belinda and Christian Nodal reconfirmed how close they are and even more so on these dates, this after they spent Christmas together again.

The artists’ Christmas Eve party was also surrounded by their families, with various luxuries and even Disney characters.

We could not believe it, it can be seen in one of the legends that appear in the captures in which the moment of the arrival of the famous characters is appreciated.

The interpreter of “Little frog“and the” regional Mexican “, enjoyed a very funny evening and a delicious dinner, in addition to their union from which various speculations have been derived, however, the Nodeli, did not miss the opportunity to show all their love.


Belinda and Christian Nodal celebrate a luxurious Christmas on video. Photo: Instagram Capture

The images circulated in videos that circulated from the fan page dedicated to the romantic couple on Instagram, the clips showed some of the moments that the family of “Beli“He lived in the middle of this beautiful celebration.

The remembered mother “TV actress“, who debuted at the young age of ten in productions such as” Amigos x Siempre “(2000),” Aventuras en el tiempo “(2001)” Complices to the rescue “(2002), among others, was one of those who shared some moments of in their Instagram stories.

Belinda Schüll, mother of the “Princess of Latin Pop“, shared some clips in which a table full of candles is observed, some glasses of wine and few plates with cutlery, so it can be deduced that they have already finished dinner.

In some other recordings there were even botargas of Disney characters, so the “businesswoman“She walked with her fiancé first to greet them and take photos.

It should be said that the “naturalized mexican“, Belinda Peregrín Schüll, acted several years ago in the tape” Cheetah Girls “, of the popular children’s channel

Characters such as Woody, Mickey and Minnie, were some of the figures that were appreciated in the middle of the shots while “The school girl” captured some moments as well as Christian Nodal, who did not erase the smile from his face.

It should be remembered that in recent days, the model of magazines such as “Glamor”, “Elle”, “Vogue”, among many others, starred on the cover of a well-known magazine, “Who”, in the middle of various photographic sessions, the romantic duet he anticipated some of his next projects.

The “former judges of La Voz“They announced their engagement on May 25 and since then speculation has not stopped around the couple, from breakups to alleged crisis, apparently, the” composer “and the famous regional artist have managed to get around this wave of controversies And they might finally make it to the altar soon.

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“We couldn’t believe it”, This was the great celebration of “Los Nodeli”