“We even got married and they didn’t find out”: Carlos Rivera is well tied to Cynthia Rodríguez?

Charles Rivera Y Cynthia Rodriguez They have become the target of strong controversy on the subject of an alleged wedding, which they say would apparently take place in secret, before this, the interpreter of “What is ours stays ours”, responded about these versions.

The mexican singer, Charles Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez, have been in a relationship for several years, although few details have been revealed since they have preferred to maintain their relationship with a certain secrecy.

Likewise, they have also chosen not to star in public appearances and have been counted the times in which they have been seen together in the photographs in the same way, in their social networks where they only exchange some comments, which at various times has given rise to rumors of various kinds.

It was a few weeks ago that the news spread that there would be a supposed “civil wedding” between the collaborator of “The life is a song” and other programs of Tv Azteca, so “they would only lack the one of the church”, according to alleged statements by Flor Rubio.

Rumors soon reached the ears of Charles Rivera who recently reacted and decided to face the questions about his sentimental life, this was answered by the television and theater actor.

“Not yet, no, still, we are really very happy, and we thank God every day for being together, for having found us, but that…as I said, the same and we even got married and they didn’t find out. Who knows?” ?” Rivera answered in an interview for Ventaneando.

The winner of the third generation of “The academy“He reacted with a certain humor to all the versions that have revolved around his relationship with the” host of Venga la Alegría “, with whom he already shares a home although they have not decided to step to the altar since they are happy as they are, without However, he does not rule out the possibility as he has stated in past interviews.

In the recent talk, Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra did not clarify his marital status and addressed the issue of the trust and support he receives from the “Coahuilense” of whom he highlighted, she encourages him to share very flirtatious photos on social networks, suggesting that she is not jealous at all.

No man! nothing (jealous) she’s the first to tell me to upload them, I swear, it’s like ‘but upload it’ and I’m like ‘no, it’s embarrassing’, and (she answers) ‘no, no, you upload it ‘, she is the first one who is there for me, overlapping these things, she said.

The actor of works like “The Lion King“, “Mamma Mía”, and recently “José, El Soñador” met in 2005 at “La Academia”, they first began a friendship without apparent signs of romance until the end of 2015.

To date, the “composer” born on March 15, 1986 and the singer have remained together and are one of the most beloved and controversial couples in the middle, of whom they have even speculated that they could “become parents” very soon. which in the end has only remained in mere speculation.

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“We even got married and they didn’t find out”: Carlos Rivera is well tied to Cynthia Rodríguez?