“We exchanged numbers and started talking like that, normal”, Do you want to lower Nodal to “Beli”?

Do youChristian nodal would have cheated on Belinda? The famous of the “Mexican regional” has aroused a strong controversy about an alleged infidelity, with a Colombian singer, Shaira clarifies the versions in a program about the relationship with the “Mexican”.

The singer Christian nodal, who has a relationship with Belinda For more than a year he has become the target of controversies with one of his ex-girlfriends, Shaira, with whom he is romantically involved, even though he is engaged to “the pop star.”

It was the artist herself, winner of the “XS Factor”, Shaira, who had a relationship with Christian nodal and who cleared up the recent rumors.

The former participant of the RCN Channel contest clarified, if she had something to do with Christian Jesús González Nodal, 22 years old.

Details from How did your relationship come about? Which again take on a strong relevance, the memories of their meeting and an old promise during his youth return to the present of the recognized with Billboard and Latin Grammy Awards.

Apparently, the artists have made a promise to “marry when they are older.”

So did they meet?

Shaira responded to questions about how she met the interpreter of songs like “Of the kisses that I gave you“,” A drunkard is born “,” They didn’t tell you wrong “and so on, with whom they would have met in Mexico.

The singer explained that they were both very young and still underage, when they met in a presentation that he “Sonoran“He gave during a radio festival. He assured that it seemed very” treasure “and was to say hello.

After a year, the Mexican would visit Colombia again to offer a new show and she was there

We exchanged numbers and started talking like this, normal, the artist explained.

The Colombian artist herself hinted that they are just friends, “people like to talk”, although she did not stop confessing that Nodal seemed “very handsome, very nice”, but nothing more. “There was not even a kiss,” he said.

Shaira managed to advance in the music industry for her sounds, her talent and powerful voice led her to be the winner of the talent show and she has also woken up the curious with her photos on social networks.

It was in an interview with the character of “Diva Rebeca”, created by Omar Vásquez, where he shared details of his personal life and where his relationship with the Mexican also came to light.

It is worth mentioning that Christian Jesus González Nodal asked the also “television actress” to marry him in 2021, a moment that was announced by the famous duo of “Los Nodeli” as they are affectionately called on social networks.

The “native of Caborca” asked for the hand of the “naturalized Mexican” with a ring valued at more than 3 million dollars, which he would have commissioned from a prestigious jewelry store located in Los Angeles, California.

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“We exchanged numbers and started talking like that, normal”, Do you want to lower Nodal to “Beli”?