“We have a pact”: Lucero reveals what her relationship with Mijares is like 11 years after her divorce

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bright Star and Mijares will finally arrive at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on June 17 with their tour “Until we were made”a news that has been celebrated by the followers of the couple.

Although we remember that they had already performed together on the show “Forever Friends” in May 2021 digitally, this time it will be different since they will be able to have greater interaction with their audience in a famous venue.

The chemistry between the famous more than 11 years after their separation is still evidentas we could see during their time in “El retador” or in each of the presentations they make, so his followers do not rule out the idea of ​​seeing them together again as a couple, something that they have flatly denied, because apparently the love they had for each other was transformed.

“We have a pact of friendship and respect, it is not feigned nor is it because it is convenient, it is because we feel it that way. Of course there was a great love and that is why we got married. We were very happy”, he explained.

We are very good friends, we are two civilized people and there is no way to repair a relationship as a couple, “ added the “America’s Bride” in a recent interview for the magazine Whose.

Lucero and Manuel Mijares have become exemplary parents for their children. Photo: Instagram @luceromexico

Lucero shared with the media that her relationship with her ex-husband and father of her two children, Lucerito and Jose Manuel Mijares, It is so good that they live very close to each other, which has allowed the youngsters to maintain a healthy relationship with their father.

We do not live together nor are we mixed up, we live close by and that accommodates our children a lot. because they don’t have to pack a suitcase or go in the car to visit their mom or dad. Our relationship is based on respect, we are happy as ex-spouses and we will always be that way”, he mentioned.

We are not a dysfunctional family, we are functional in our own way. I don’t know if we are an example for someone or not, but if they consider us that way, it is greatly appreciated, we feel comfortable and at ease having the way of life that we have”, he detailed.

How is Mijares’ relationship with Lucero’s boyfriend, Michel Kuri?

In the same conversation bright Star was questioned about the relationship between Mijares and her current partner michel kurinephew of Carlos Slim, one of the most powerful men in Mexico, and if at any time he has become jealous of him when he sees the chemistry between them on stage.

Aboutthe singer said that it is not like that, because her boyfriend has nothing against Mijares and in fact agrees that he collaborate with himbecause they are still one of the spoiled couples in Mexico and Latin America.

Lucero and Mijares were part of the cast of “El retador”. Photo: Instagram

“Our couples are super happy, there is no jealousy on their part. The other day, someone asked Micho what he thought of our shows and he replied that he was very proud to see that we make a great couple on stage.. He always says that he admires me a lot and that Mijares is a super voice. There is a lot of trust between us and he respects my career.”

At the moment, Mijares maintains a relationship with Pita de la Vega, heir to Grupo de la Vega, a consortium of several companies in Mexico.

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“We have a pact”: Lucero reveals what her relationship with Mijares is like 11 years after her divorce