“We really need it”: the bittersweet Christmas message of the Pinal dynasty for Silvia’s health

Through Instagram, some members of the family shared their feelings for having spent the holiday in a different way and appreciated the displays of affection.

Sylvia Pasquel It was one of them who assured that her mother “is stronger than ever”: “I want to thank all her love, all her affection and all her good vibes in these moments that we are going through.”

“This Christmas has made us reflect and realize how fortunate we are to have the presence of my mom, I want you to know that she’s fine, she’s calm and she’s stronger than ever. We really need our diva, but everything is going to improve and we will have her back. There is Silvia Pinal for a while, have no doubt about that! “, He added.

He ended his message with joy for his audience: “I wish a lot of love, a lot of health, and above all a lot of family unity to come to your homes. I love you with all my heart, God bless you and you are very happy.”

Michelle Salas feels “a void”

Michelle Salas, granddaughter of Sylvia Pasquel and great-granddaughter of ‘La Diva del Cine Mexicano’, traveled to Aztec land to spend the festivities with her family and managed to greet the actress before she was isolated by covid.

The daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel also expressed her feelings when spending a different Christmas: “Sometimes when we say ‘everything happens for something’ in the bottom of our hearts we would have wanted it to be different. This Christmas I can’t find as many words as I would like , as there’s a little void in me And although I am calm that everything is fine, the need that she makes me and that my loved ones make me is paramount to achieve absolute happiness in me “.


The model reflected on health and life: “We live in a critical moment, full of doubts and uncertainty that the only thing we have left is to hug each other tightly (with a mask ha ha ha) and value more than ever every second we have to be alive, to take advantage and tell our people, those of us who are still fortunate to have, how much we love them, that we will always be there and that they are not alone no matter how far they feel we are “.

“I hope you have a happy family Christmas Eve. I thank everyone for the messages of encouragement and concern for my ‘grandmother’. Thank God she is strong and with many spirits to get out of this and many more. Much love and much health for her families. I love you! “

Stephanie Salas reflects on the “intense” days they have lived

Michelle’s mother also dedicated a few words to share the feeling of the Pinal dynasty before the hospitalization of the first actress.

“What can I tell you: It has been a very intense Christmas days, but from a lot of learning… I only know that adversity has always made me stronger. The emergency makes us see everything with more clarity and intensity. “

“Thank you to all who have been at the foot of the canyon and to all of you for your good wishes, support and affection. I love you very much and I wish you with all my heart a Merry Christmas full of love and light among all those who love each other,” he wrote On Instagram.

Wednesday afternoon, December 22, Silvia Pinal was admitted to a hospital from Mexico City due to a drop in pressure. Although they had already done a rapid covid test that came back negative, the hospital performed another one where it tested positive, for which she was isolated.

According to information from Sylvia Pasquel shared on Friday, December 24, ‘La Diva del Cine Mexicano’ “is stable in both oxygenation and heart,” he told El Universal.

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“We really need it”: the bittersweet Christmas message of the Pinal dynasty for Silvia’s health