We spoke to a royal expert from Monaco about the future of Princess Charlène

Is there an unspoken agreement between the Monaco media to don’t talk about princess Charlène? That is at least what emerges from what we have seen during all these months he’s been in south africa. We had to turn to the press of other countries to find out about the princess if we wanted to go beyond the official information offered by the Grimaldi Palace. AND talk to Monegasque journalists it is still almost an impossible mission. In fact, of the many consulted, only one has offered us his opinion on the current situation of Alberto de Monaco’s wife.

We are talking about Luigi Mattera, founder of the ‘Royal Monaco Journal’, who has been covering the principality information for more than a decade, both from the Grimaldi family and from Monegasque society. And from his words it is also clear that the press of the small country is not willing to enter personal themes of Alberto and Charlène. The funny thing is that it is the prince himself who is giving more personal information in his statements, always or almost always to the American magazine ‘People’, before which has bluntly addressed crisis rumors or, more recently, he has given details of his wife’s health.

Charlène, in a file image. (EFE)

“The intimate life of the real personages, in general, has always stimulated a sense of envy badly disguised by the privileges that reserve their positions”, reflects Mattera. “It is very easy to forget that they are human beings subject to an emotional state, exactly similar to each one of us. Charlène is a woman who has risen to international fame, although it was also due to sporting merits, marrying Prince Albert and, precisely in the preamble to marriage, emotionality, the fear of doubt, perhaps, arose before taking the step“.

The same journalist sings the ‘mea culpa’ and recognizes how well all these have come to the media in general months that Charlène has been in South Africa: “The journalists obviously we benefit from accentuating or exaggerating, at times, the states of mind, the inconveniences and more, that each one of us, like them, has to face in the course of our existence. Much has been said about the intimate figure of Princess Charlène, marriage crisis, flight to South Africa, and much more to create mischief in the reader “.

Charlène of Monaco, at the funeral of the Zulu king last March. (EFE)

Nothing new. In fact, we were already talking here about how even a specific German magazine claimed up to two times that Charlène and Alberto’s relationship was broken, with the following denials of one and others to answer. Where Luigi Mattera brings us some light is in the ex-swimmer’s next plans after her recovery: “People wonder! what will Charlène do now when she returns home, comparing it to the parable of the prodigal son! La Charlène woman, La Charlène mother, will continue to be with their children and take care of them, assuming the initial role he had before this soap opera “.

Timeline of an absent return

Two weeks have passed since Princess Charlène returned to Monaco and not even the fact that see her again with her husband and children made disappear the rumors that have accompanied her since last May, when it became known that she was in South Africa and I had no return date. The first clue that was given that Charlène would not immediately join her institutional functions, as some expected, came a few days later, when we saw Princess Estefanía acting as first lady with his brother visiting the Monaco pavilion at the Dubai World Fair.

Alberto and Estefanía, at the Dubai Expo. (Instagram @pavillonmonaco)

We did not have to wait long to have more data, since on Tuesday, November 16, it was announced with a statement that it would not be in the National Day celebrations to take care of your health and recover from the “state of profound general fatigue”. It was added that your location would be strictly confidential, in addition to asking for privacy for the whole family. It was Alberto himself who provided a little more light a day later, in the traditional interview that he offers to the ‘Monaco Matin’ portal every year on the occasion of National Day. In it he revealed that his wife was not in the principality and that his fatigue was not only physical.

And perhaps for continuing to be the protagonist of rumors and speculation, the sovereign spoke again a day later, this time for the American ‘People’, which seems to have become his headline publication. And the latter statements have been the most revealing and those that at the same time make it clear that Prince Albert has tired of hearing all kinds of theories about his wife’s health: “It is not cancer, it is not cosmetic surgery”. And he added that their relationship had not suffered either, an aspect in which, as we see, the Monegasque press still does not want to enter.

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We spoke to a royal expert from Monaco about the future of Princess Charlène