What about the life of Las Ketchup? The sisters of ‘Aserejé’, the song that changed their lives

In 2002 a song of the sisters they shook the world radios with After almost two decades, we review what happened to the singers, self-sanctioned for being the daughters of the renowned flamenco guitarist Juan ‘El Tomate’ Muñoz.

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In various parts of the world the song caused a scandal because they claimed that the theme was satanic and that it summoned the devil. The truth is that the lyrics and the choreography were very catchy and it was the favorite of the young people.

Aserejé It was not composed by the sisters, but by Queco (pseudonym of Manuel Ruiz), a collaborator of artists such as Niña Pastori, Raimundo Amador or Azúcar Moreno.

“When he came up with the subject, he came very excited about the project and the idea, we listened to him and we liked it. It was all very fast, because after two days I already had the lyrics and we went into the studio to record ”, Lucia told

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Then the sisters recorded Aserejé and they met with resounding success. Pilar (aspiring actress), Lola (Labor Sciences student) and Lucía (a hairdresser who sang flamenco) were recognized worldwide. Yes, worldwide, even in Africa and Oceania they listened to Aserejé.

However, after the success of The ketchup, the sisters were absent from the middle.


“When you suddenly have a song that becomes a worldwide hit, it affects all aspects. Your daily life changes. A lot of revolution, and having to adapt too! ”, Lola answered La Nación.

The ketchup They wanted to be calm and each one decided to give more space to their life as mothers that required more priority. As Pilar comments in the same interview: “Everything in life is a cycle.”


In 2006 they returned with the album A bloodymary, recorded in a quartet format with his sister Rocío, but they do not remember a good experience of an album that they almost left unfinished.

The song, which was composed by Queco -the same one that Aserejé wrote-, competed in the Eurovision contest that year: they were ranked 21 out of 24. A performance for oblivion. Even the Muñoz sisters do not have a good memory of the concert.


In 2016, with the failure of 2006, The ketchup they came back to sing Although without Pilar and with her sister Rocío as new members, the sisters won the applause of the public. It had been the dreamed return, the year of vindication.

Two years ago The ketchup they returned to the stage sporadically. They don’t mind singing Aserejé several times if the public asks for it.

“You never get tired of a hit: on the contrary, you are grateful that every time they hire you to sing the song, people ask for it”, Pilar concluded.


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What about the life of Las Ketchup? The sisters of ‘Aserejé’, the song that changed their lives