What became of Patricia Conde, actress and presenter of ‘I know what you did’

Patricia Conde went on to be one of the best known faces of the television in Spain thanks to her work as a reporter in ‘The Informal’, hand in hand with Telecinco. It is not necessary to emphasize only her facet as a presenter, where she stood out especially in ‘I know what you did’, Well, she has also worked as an actress in series and movies.

As for her stay on television, after Telecinco, she began to attract the attention of viewers and other networks, turning to Televisión Española and Telemadrid as presenter. On ‘I’m looking for a partner’ (2002), ‘Any given Sunday’ (2004), ‘Our best song’ (2004), ‘Lady Kaña’ (2004) and ‘Spungle’ (2005), but it was only a year later, in 2006, when he made a leap to fame.

She signed for LaSexta to be the presenter of ‘I know what you did’, where he shared the limelight with his partner and friend Ángel Martín, both conquering the audience and sweeping data. In fact, such was her success that she ended up taking home four television awards. In 2006, the ATV award for Best Host of Entertainment Programs and the Golden antenna. In 2008, the TP de Oro Best presenter of varieties and shows; and in 2011, the funniest woman for the Comedy Awards FHM.

A break as a presenter to be an actress

But, everything has an end, and in 2011 he ended his career at LaSexta, costing him no more and no less than three years until he again found a television program to work in, although in the meantime he worked as model for advertising campaigns and as an actress.

In 2014 he returned to television and Mediaset, leading ‘Hundred and the mother’ and ‘Killer Karaoke’. After that, she became a collaborator of ‘Chain of friends’ in 2017, the same year in which he signed for Movistar + to recover the role he already developed in LaSexta, presenting different spaces such as ‘The extraordinary powers of the human body’, ‘WifiLeaks’ and ‘Give wax, polish # 0’, among others.

Her wars against the paparazzi, the Treasury and her ex-husband

In June 2012, Patricia Conde married Carlos Seguí after having a relationship with Carlos Moya (2000), with Dani Martin (2007) and Miguel towers. Their honeymoon ended up turning into a horror tale because of the paparazzi, who annoyed them on their trip to Senegal. Later, upon realizing his presence, Carlos told them that if they wanted something, to which they responded by trying to run him over, and that was when they reversed the roles, becoming threatened by them.

It was precisely with Carlos Seguí with whom he went through a tough war in the courts for his divorce (2014) and the custody of his son, Lucas. But, after four years of struggle, they ended because “finally, they were well” and maintained “a cordial relationship for their son.” After Carlos Seguí, it was rumored that he had started a relationship with Javier de Miguel, and then with Ernesto Seville.

In addition, since 2014, Patricia Conde has also had problems with Tax authorities, being involved in other judicial processes, and is that according to various media reported, the television presenter owes about 1.8 million euros to the Tax Agency. A debt that it has maintained over the last few years, appearing on the Treasury’s List of Defaulters although its debt had been reduced.

What are you doing today?

At present, Patricia Conde continues to be one of the faces of Movistar + and # 0, where she works together with Ángel Martín in ‘Give wax, polish # 0’ and as presenter of ‘Nobody behind the wheel’, where she also works as an actress.

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What became of Patricia Conde, actress and presenter of ‘I know what you did’