What do the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do?

The famous couple consisting of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, for many years monopolized the pages of gossip magazines, the media and social networks, however, love was turned off a few years ago and now each one walks by different routes.

However, his legacy of success and popularity is being replicated by his six children who are part of the family and those who are the treasure of both Brad as Angelina, since although custody is held by the protagonist of ‘Eternals‘, her ex-partner is aware of the requests and training of her six children without there being any problem with that.

But we go in parts, from the couple’s eldest son to their last offspring.

The first to come to the family was Maddox, a young man who is currently 20 years old, is the first of the children adopted by the couple in 2002, from Cambodia, Maddox was quite an event when he was introduced by his famous parents, it was the Angelina’s first child And he wouldn’t let go of it for anything or any reason.

The boy grew up in a healthy environment, together with his nuclear family, alongside his brothers and parents and became a model student, currently attending the Biochemistry career at the Yonsei University of South Korea, however, due to the pandemic of Covid-19 he returned to live with his mother until today.

In the cinema he participated in some small role together with his famous mom And he was also a production assistant, however, what most catches his attention is outside the film sets.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt carrying little Zahara and Maddox (Photo: AP)

Then follows the young Vietnamese Pax Thien, was adopted and loved by the couple since he came home at the age of three in 2007.

Together with his sister Zahara, got a role in the film created by Disney and in which his mother is the main star, we mean ‘Maleficent‘.

Pax also lent his voice in the film on the tape ‘Kung Fu Panda 3‘in 2016 together with his mother, but his true calling is in photography.

Angelina encouraged him to take over the photography of the 2017 film ‘First they killed my father’, a film directed by Jolie and in which her older brother also participated, Maddox.

Next on the list is young Zahara, who in Angelina’s own words is her daughter with the greatest personality, born in Ethiopia and adopted by the couple in 2005, Zahara is a jewelry artist.

She launched her first jewelry collection in 2019 under her own name, and was mentored by one of the Hollywood’s most famous jewelers. The sales of this collection are destined to a foundation that helps women and children victims of domestic violence.

Before dedicating herself fully to jewelry design, she participated in some film projects together with her mother, both in ‘Maleficent’ and in ‘Kung Fu Panda 3 ”.

Angelina and Brad’s first biological daughter He arrived on May 27, 2006 while they were in Namibia, from his birth his figure became famous and monopolized the spotlight. The first photos of Shiloh they were sold by their parents for an amount close to eight million dollars.

The money they obtained was donated entirely to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Ties of blood and love with his older brothers

Shiloh (now John) he maintains a low profile, however, like his brothers he participated in some projects in which his famous mother was the protagonist and was also sharing the filming set with his father in the film ‘The curious case of Benjamin Botton‘in 2008, when she was just a baby.

It should be noted that John is a copy of his famous parents, her face is a unique combination of the physical characteristics of Angelina and Brad, besides being a great friend and companion of her sister Zahara.

Vivienne She is the youngest daughter of the ‘herd’, she is together with her brother Knox, the smallest of the family and perhaps the most spoiled, since they saw the light in July 2008 in France.

Vivienne’s photos Like those of his sister John, they were sold to the media for a sum of $ 15 million and the proceeds donated to the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, created by their parents, it should be noted that they are the most expensive photos in history taken of a famous person or the son of a famous person.

Meanwhile, the youngest member of the family so far has only appeared in the project of ‘Kung Fu Panda 3 ‘, giving voice to one of the characters.


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What do the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do?