What does Mayrín Villanueva think about the romance of her son Sebastián Poza with Azul Guaita

(Photo: @sebastianpoza/mayrinvillanueva/ Instagram)
(Photo: @sebastianpoza/mayrinvillanueva/ Instagram)

Like never before Mayrin Villanueva was honest about the romantic relationship of approximately two years that exists between Sebastian Poza and Guaita Blue. The actress hinted that she agrees with the torrid romance that arose after the collaboration in a soap opera and confirmed that they are on the right track.

The interpreter who has shone on the small screen with her roles in unforgettable melodramas such as Women in black, My heart is yours, Single with daughters, I love Juan and If they let us shared her opinion regarding the love situation of one of the children she had with her ex-husband Jorge Poza. Contrary to other artists, he expressed himself without discomfort about the tender love story.

As he told in an interview for People in spanishSebastián and Azul met during the recordings of single with daughters, a Univision telenovela starring herself, Gabriel Soto, Vanessa Guzmán and Irina Baeva. Both young actors were also part of the cast, so they had the opportunity to live together and form a friendship that soon escalated into a romance.

The young actor was born in 2003, he is currently 18 years old (Photo: @mayrinvillanueva/Instagram)
The young actor was born in 2003, he is currently 18 years old (Photo: @mayrinvillanueva/Instagram)

From that novel they started and they’ve been together for two years, so small and it’s already there”, he declared. Through her statements, the proud mother hinted that she is happy with this new stage that her son is experiencing.

From the experience, he reflected on the passion that characterizes young love and as advice, he shared with them that they enjoy every experience they live together to the fullest, the good and bad times. He also acknowledged that during the recording of any project, this type of rapprochement between colleagues usually arises, so he considers it normal.

Now yes that they live love, that they enjoy all the beautiful experiences and yes, in many novels there are romances”, he continued.

Currently, the actress stars in the remake of "Rebel" on Netflix (Photo: @sebastianpoza/Instagram)
Currently, the actress stars in the remake of “Rebelde” on Netflix (Photo: @sebastianpoza/Instagram)

Regarding the experience she had when she went from the personal to the professional side with her son in said telenovela, Eduardo Santamarina’s wife said that the results were quite positive and meant a change in the perception she had of Sebastian, because thanks to it she realized that he is no longer a child and needs his space.

“I loved being next to my shorty. I left with a 16-year-old boy and I already came back with an engaged man, he was already very much in love […] It’s amazing how you leave with a 16-year-old boy, I still felt it well, child, and when he returned it was already ‘and mom, please, give me more space, give me my time,'” he added.

Months ago, the 51-year-old Mexican interpreter confessed that she does not consider herself a jealous or difficult mother-in-law because she is aware of the natural development of her children. In addition, Sebastián is not the only one who is currently in love, since her eldest daughter Romina Poza is also in a relationship and frequently shows off her boyfriend in networks.

"I love you tlacuachito " wrote the actor within his publication. (Photo: @sebastianpoza/Instagram)
“I love you tlacuachito” the actor wrote in his publication. (Photo: @sebastianpoza/Instagram)

Nothing jealous, I like and enjoy the kids a lot, as you grow with them, you learn, then I enjoy, I love being with them. I’m so nosy and so relaxed that I don’t have any kind of problem, obviously I do set rules in the house, schedules and things like that, but normal for any mom”, he said to Today.

The actors would have decided to start a romance in November 2020 in the midst of a wave of rumors due to the closeness they maintained. The information was confirmed a year later, specifically on November 23, the date they would have been together for two years, as Sebastian shared with his social media followers.

Within the framework of his second anniversary, the 18-year-old interpreter published a series of photographs that were taken with his girlfriend and added a romantic message: “Love, I love you with all my life, I really appreciate every second you have given me given, I have really enjoyed these 2 years and I have learned a lot from you“, wrote.


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What does Mayrín Villanueva think about the romance of her son Sebastián Poza with Azul Guaita