What is cleidocranial dysplasia? Rare disease suffered by Gaten Matarazzo, actor of Stranger Things

Gaten matarazzo is a young actor who became world famous when he was 14 years old by playing Dustin in the Netflix series, Stranger things, where it was also possible to see that he suffered from a strange disease that affected the development of his teeth.

Matarazzo suffers from genetic disease call cleidocranial dysplasia, an incurable and very rare condition that affects one person in a million and that fundamentally affects the development of bones and teeth.

Since becoming world famous in 2016, the actor has spoken out on different occasions about his condition. In fact, in 2020 he announced through his social networks that he would undergo a csurgery for the fourth time due to cleidocranial dysplasia.

Although his case is not one of the most serious, this has not prevented him from having to undergo surgery on several occasions; however, it has used its popularity to raise public awareness about this disease.

“Surgery number 4! It’s great! To learn more about Cleidocranial Dysplasia and how you can help I leave you the website ccdsmiles.org,” he said before entering his fourth surgery.

Currently, Gaten matarazzo He is 19 years old and is about to release the Stranger Things season four, one of the most popular Netflix series since its inception.

Materazzo before his fourth surgery

What is cleidocranial dysplasia?

The cleidocranial dysplasia or dysostosis is a disorder that involves the abnormal bone development in the skull and clavicle area.

It is caused by an abnormal gene and is inherited as a dominant trait, this means that it is enough to receive the abnormal gene from one of the parents for the disease to be inherited. Being a congenital condition, it is present since before birth and it affects boys and girls equally.

People with this disease have a prominent forehead and jaw. Also, the area of ​​the middle of the nose (nasal bridge) is wide.

The clavicle bones may be absent or have abnormal development. This causes the men to gather in front of the body.

Also, the primary teeth do not fall out in the expected time. Permanent teeth can develop later and a number of them grow inward, causing them to be crooked, according to the US National Library of Medicine.

There is no treatment for this disease

There is no specific treatment for this condition and its management depends on the symptoms of each patient. Most people with this disease need regular dental care, a helmet to protect the skull bones until they close, ear tubes for frequent ear infections, and surgery to correct any bone abnormalities.


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What is cleidocranial dysplasia? Rare disease suffered by Gaten Matarazzo, actor of Stranger Things