What is happening with Emma Watson and why is she criticized on the internet?

It is no secret to anyone that Emma Watson is one of the most complete actresses out there today. His quality and talent has been shown in a lot of projects, such as Little Women, Noah, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Circle and many more. However, despite the fact that she has worked in other kinds of films, we cannot deny that most continue to associate her with Hermione Granger and the wizarding world of the Harry Potter film series.

It was in 2001 when the first film inspired by JK Rowling’s books was released and from then on, both Emma and Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint gained worldwide fame. Although not everything was perfect because the actress herself confessed in the HBO special of the reunion of the cast that she was about to give up the franchise (HERE can check the reason). Ten years later, the three said goodbye to their characters to take on new airs and detach themselves from these roles.

Harry Potter reunion mistake: Emma Watson is mistaken for Emma Roberts

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Emma Watson appeared at the BAFTAs and made a comment that surprised many

However, this 2022, Emma Watson gave something to talk about and many reminded her that at the beginning of her career she played Hermione Granger. It turns out that a few days ago during the most recent BAFTA ceremony, the 31-year-old actress appeared on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London to present the award for best British film. Before going on stage, the host of the event, Rebel Wilson, introduced her saying: “She calls herself a feminist, but actually we all know she’s a witch.”

Taking the microphone, Emma replied to the joke with the following comment: “I’m here for all the witches, ok?”. At the time, Watson’s words were met with laughter and applause, but what he didn’t count on was that some would not take it in the best way. Why do we say it? Well, many consider that what he said was a rather subtle hint at JK Rowling But what does the creator of Harry Potter have to do with all this? There goes the gossip.

What does JK Rowling have to do with all this?

It turns out that in the internet of things, they related Emma Watson’s comment, just the part where she mentions that she is for everyone like a show of support for women, including of course transgender women and sending a message to Rowling. In 2020, heThe British writer got into a huge controversy when she made several comments about the trans community and that he even got Daniel Radcliffe and Eddie Redmayne talking about it (HERE you can check how things went).

As if this wasn’t enough, JK Rowling also became a kind of voice of the movement trans-exclusionary feminist, which for many only generates hatred. In addition, Watson’s words come a few days after the last statements that the creator of Harry Potter made on Twitter, because On Women’s Day, he posted several tweets where he reaffirmed his positions. That is why fans of the magical world consider his message to be a hint.

What is happening with Emma Watson and why is she criticized on the internet?

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Emma is having a slouch in nets

Unsurprisingly, after her response at the BAFTAs went viral, Emma Watson received a lot of messages of support and even several users put together the hashtag #JKDoesntSpeakForMe (“JK does not speak for me”) to make it very clear that they are in favor of the British actress. However, those who opposed it also appeared, mentioning that If it hadn’t been for JK Rowling and Hermione Granger, she wouldn’t have made it.. So that you understand what we are talking about, here are some tweets.

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What is happening with Emma Watson and why is she criticized on the internet?