What is Pampita’s secret so that her children and her house work perfectly

Pampita explained the military method so that nothing overflows (photo: @pampitaoficial)
Pampita explained the military method so that nothing overflows (photo: @pampitaoficial)

Model, businesswoman, host, jury in a dance contest. Carolina Pampita Ardohain She can be many things, but beyond all those occupations, she is a mother of a large family. How to make everything work perfectly without going crazy trying? The organization seems to be the key and in the new episode of his reality show, Being Pampita, he decided to whiten the formula so that everything flows without going crazy in the attempt.

A few days ago the sixth episode of the program was released that follows in the footsteps of the pampeana and her family both in each of the activities carried out by the model to what happens inside her triplex in the Palermo neighborhood where she lives with their four children, Baptist, Beltran, Benicio and Ana -with whom she was pregnant when the episodes were recorded- and with her husband, Roberto garcia Moritan, who is also the father of Santino and Dolphin.

It was Jimena Barón, her partner in The academy from Showmatch, which managed to get Pampita to explain the method she uses at home so that everything flows smoothly. “We became very good friends, yes. And I re admire her. In her house everything works perfectly, and I am a disaster. Even the toasts come out really good, I spend it scraping burned “, the funny began. Cobra and continued to “envy” the organization of her brand new friend: “I’m going to say it: at 8:30 p.m., at her house, you talk to her and there is total silence… And you say: ‘Stop, the kids?’ And she tells you that they are sleeping: 20:30 they sleep! And I have Momo held until one in the morning ”.

The model picked up the glove and clarified: “It is that with so many people at home, if there are not certain rules, it is not possible. With one it would be easier, but if they all walk through my head I go crazy ”. Stunned, Baron replied that he felt an absolute admiration for her.

Another advice that the driver gave is dedicate a time per week exclusively to the couple. “With Robert we always go to lunch in Palermo, because once a week we have our boyfriends outing and it has to be at noon because I work at night”.

With a thirteen-year-old older son and a baby, in addition to nine-year-old Beltrán and seven-year-old Benicio, the also actress has the challenge of accompanying each of them in the different stages of their life, for which she will have to change diapers to teach writing and homework to have teenage talks, all from one moment to the next. “Everyone has their moment, you have to be in the day to day, they need the look of a father, one is always a father “, told in an interview with Teleshow.

Regarding Bautista, the eldest, Pampita said that “he is already big. He is a very companion, he realizes everything, he is the one next to us, with whom we talk deeper issues and he is very protective. I know I count on him for everything. In addition, he has a super loving attitude towards his brothers, accompanies and guides them. Now, too, he is in the things of his age, beginning his adolescence, with school increasingly difficult. But with the family he is divine ”. In fact, a few weeks ago, the teenager – who already flirts with the cameras and even made his first publicity with his father, the actor Benjamin Vicuñaaccompanied her to lead the Martín Fierro de Cable.

With respect to Beltrán, the proud mother, made a particular comparison: “He is my twin. In personality, he is very similar to me. He is the tidiest, neat, he wants everything to be perfect. He inherited all that part of me and I am sorry because he is going to get very frustrated because not everything in life turns out perfect. He is diligent, studies a lot for tests and expects nothing less than a super grade. The same thing happened to me ”. Of his son Benicio, he assured that he is the one who always proposes games to him, “EHe is the smallest of the family and it shows. Use creativity a lot. It is the child, the others are already in other stages ”.


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What is Pampita’s secret so that her children and her house work perfectly