What is Salt Bae’s voice like? Chef surprises fans with peculiar video where he is heard for the first time

Have you heard it yet? Millions around the world have seen his viral videos where he coarsely salted steaks with a very particular technique, while others have paid exorbitant amounts to enjoy the gold-plated steak he sells at his London restaurant Nusr-Et; however, very few had the pleasure of hearing the voice of the famous and controversial chef . A recent video posted on Instagram revealed the mystery surrounding how Nusret Gökçe, her real name, sounds, as she was encouraged to declare her love for the capital of England.

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For a few weeks now, the Turkish chef has been the target of criticism because the wealthiest diners do not agree with the service of the place located in the luxurious London neighborhood of Knightsbridge. The most recent is from a man who indicated that that the staff informed him that he had 30 minutes to eat the incredibly expensive dishes he had ordered and vacate the table. The time limit set by the venue would mean it costs $ 925 per hour, or $ 16 per minute, to enjoy the $ 1,951 gold-plated steak.

Salt Bae’s voice

In the midst of the questioning of attention and service, the chef posted a video on Instagram where he is heard saying: “Wait wait. I want to say something about London “.

This caused a great surprise among his 40 million followers, since most of the time he only shared photographs or images of his technique to salt meats, but he never showed off speaking.

London is my big dream. Someday, the next day, every day. All the time. I love London (…) London is different ”added Salt bae.

At another point in the recording he is asked how he is doing with English and he affirms that “Almost like a Brit” and even imitated the citizens saying “You know” (you know) and “cheers” (health).

According ‘Independent’, the video published on November 11 is the “first time” that the chef’s voice is heard and it did not take long to receive reactions from his followers who indicated “I think it’s better if he never talks” or “Don’t talk, just cut the meat” and they even indicated that “Why talk so weird like that?”.

London farewell

Just six weeks after opening the Nusr-Et restaurant in Knightsbridge, London, the chef decided to leave the city and move to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he will open his 28th restaurant.

In a post on Instagram, he shared the news with his followers and invited them to a farewell at his local: “I want to see you beautiful people before I go.”

Controversy over Salt Bae prices

Nusret, 38, currently has 17 restaurants in his chain and has a legion of famous devotees, including DJ Khaled, Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham. It opened its London branch in October, with famous e influencers eager to try internet celebrity dishes.

Recently, a millionaire who dined at the new London restaurant and that the prices they charge in the establishment are “exorbitant”.

Since chef Nusret Gökçe opened his new Nusr-Et Steakhouse in the luxurious neighborhood of Knightsbridge in the English capital last September, more than one diner was surprised by the , which came to 6,900 dollars, and numerous clients expressed their dismay over the accounts through the networks at the end of the night.

According to Chiraag Suchak, a 33-year-old contractor who works for investment banks and identifies as a millionaire, a meal at the restaurant isn’t even worth it. “How could a man justify charging $ 15 for a drink or $ 870 for a steak?”, commented to the British media about his experience at London’s new Salt Bae store.

Who is Salt Bae?

Salt Bae was born in Erzurum (Turkey) and is of Kurdish origin. He dropped out early due to financial difficulties and began work as a butcher apprentice in the Turkish capital at a very young age. After visiting different countries such as Argentina and the United States, he returned to Turkey to open his restaurant.

He rose to fame in 2017 thanks to a viral video in which he showed his peculiar way of salting meat. And since then his popularity and success have continued to grow at the same rate as his bank account. But this Turkish chef wasn’t always the flamboyant character he has become in large part because of social media and closeness to celebrities.

Based on work, he created his empire. In 2014 he arrived in the luxurious city of Dubai and since then he has been opening restaurants of his chain Nusr-Et for almost the five continents. In addition to having several establishments in his native Turkey, Salta Bae has also opened establishments in cities such as Abu Dhabi, Doha, Miami, New York, Dallas, Boston, Beverley Hills, London and Mykonos.

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What is Salt Bae’s voice like? Chef surprises fans with peculiar video where he is heard for the first time