What led to the separation of Birkan Sokullu and Aslı Enver

There was a time when the actor From the soap opera “Inocentes” he enjoyed his relationship with the actress Aslı Enver very much, being considered one of the most famous and stable couples in the artistic environment of Turkey. However, with time all this disappeared and both took different paths.

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For its part, Birkan Sokullu who is considered one of the most sought-after gallants in his country (Turkey) plays They have in the soap opera “Innocent”(“ Masumlar Apartmani ”, in its original language) and his great talent has generated the acceptance of the television audience.

On “Innocent“Or”Wounded souls”, Han is a successful businessman who returns to Turkey after living for a time in the United States and is the breadwinner of his family, which involves a sick father and two sisters obsessed with cleanliness, the product of a family drama that they must solve. .

While Aslı Enver He has participated in soap operas such as “Space sitcom”, “Life science”, “Silent”, “Babylon”, among others.

In addition to having great acting talent, the two began a relationship in 2012. Everything seemed to be going well until three years later they made the decision to divorce.

Han is portrayed by actor Brikan Sokullu.
Han is portrayed by actor Brikan Sokullu.


After swearing eternal love in 2012, the couple decided to divorce after three years and this process lasted only one day.

The divorce proceedings were carried out by the actress who presented the request through his lawyer before the Family Court of Küçükçekmece. Among the arguments it was indicated that “the marriage has been shaken to the ground due to a serious incompatibility, and they have had a mutual disagreement in the last period”.

During the hearing, He confirmed that they agreed to a divorce and that they did not demand any compensation between them, neither alimony or property based on the property regime.

For his part, the actor went to court without the company of a lawyer. He also said he agreed with his then wife. After hearing both of them, a court judge decided to proceed and grant the divorce by mutual agreement.

After that, the lawyer of Aslı Enver, made some comments: “We present the case together. There is no common disagreement between the parties. An uncontested divorce is a decision made jointly by both parties. They decided to get divorced because they thought it was best for them”.


Love brought the actors together in 2012 Birkan Sokullu and Aslı Enver who decided to get married to the joy of friends and family.

At the time, Aslı Enver, offered a few words regarding her marriage to Birkan.

The marriage was not that difficult. Birkan proposed, I said ‘yes’ directly, and it didn’t take long. We realized that we were the right person for each other when we were together anyway. We are married in four months. We fall in love immediately at first sight”, .

After the ceremony held in Turkey, the couple traveled to Thailand to enjoy their honeymoon.


Birkan Sokullu He was born in Istanbul on October 6, 1985 and all his childhood dreamed of playing basketball, that is how he practiced this sport for more than 10 years until he suffered a leg injury that made him leave the courts. During that period she dedicated herself to modeling and won the third prize for Best Model in Turkey in 2003.

Birkan Sokullu has become one of the public's favorite actors.
Birkan Sokullu has become one of the public’s favorite actors.

Interested in the artistic world, Birkan took acting classes taught by actress Dolunay Soysert and began his career in the television series “Küçük Kadinlar”. According to the star, basketball was her childhood dream but acting is where she feels she really belongs:

‘I enjoy my work and I have fun. I have many dreams and things that I want to do with this profession. This is the most important thing to me. As long as I feel like this, I’ll still be an actor”.


The actress Asli enver He was born on May 10, 1984 in London (England). He spent his childhood in that city until he was 12 when he and his family decided to move to Turkey.

Eventually he performed at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center and was able to graduate from Pera Fine Arts High School and from the Department of Theater at the University of Haliç.

One of his first roles was in a comedy that was broadcast on TRT and his participation lasted two minutes.

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What led to the separation of Birkan Sokullu and Aslı Enver