What will Jenni Rivera’s children do on the ninth anniversary of her death?

What will Jenni Rivera's children do on the ninth anniversary of her death?

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This Friday, December 12, marks the nineth anniversary of the plane crash that claimed the life of the Mexican singer Jenni Rivera and six other people who accompanied her on the flight she made in Mexico. His five children Chiquis, Jacqie, Michael, Jenicka and Johnny have some traditions to remember their mother together.

According to statements given by the eldest daughter of the clan, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, in its Chiquis and Chill weekly podcast, This commemoration will be somewhat different, since there are several cracks within the family. “I want to speak only for myself, but it is true that I am estranged from my grandmother, and also from my uncles Rosie and Juan (…) I don’t see much of a possibility that we will spend this anniversary at my grandmother’s house,” she said.

According to the singer, The reason that distanced her from her maternal grandmother, known as Doña Rosa, is because she spoke things that she should not have about her brothers Jenicka and Jhonny. “I am very protective of my brothers and if someone hurts them, it hurts me too (…) she made public statements about them and also said some things about me without talking to us before,” he said.

On the other hand, the artist reported that she is also estranged from her mother’s siblings: Rosie and Juan, for issues related to the administration of his mother’s inheritance. “I’m not angry with them, but I’m disappointed, because things happened in a way that I didn’t expect,” she explained.

With such a scenario, the 36-year-old artist said she hopes to reunite with her five siblings in their new home and do all the things her mother enjoyed together. “If they want we will meet, eat their favorite food and watch the movies that she liked, listen to their music loud and proud, and just remember it,” he said.

Chiquis could not hold back the tears after remembering her mother. “I miss her a lot, I still need her hugs, her kisses. She gave the best hugs, I will never forget her scent and how good it felt to be around. I need my mother (…) It’s been 9 years, but for me it still feels like it was yesterday, “he said.

Despite the fact that the mother and daughter were estranged at the time of the artist’s death, because Jenni had accused Chiquis Having slept with her husband, Chiquis never stopped admiring her mother.

“I am proud to be her daughter (…) I admire the woman she was, a fighter, brave, passionate. He always told me if they close a door in my face, I don’t care, I’ll look for a window and manage to get in (…) I feel like I represented Latin women very well, ”she added.

Singer He finished his words by giving advice to all his followers. Honor your parents every day. They never know what will happen and when they will never be able to see them again. Appreciate your loved ones, take the time to visit them and call them to greet them ”, he stressed.

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What will Jenni Rivera’s children do on the ninth anniversary of her death?