What would happen if Queen Elizabeth died? The British government has a precise plan

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Now that the Queen Isabel tested positive for covid, and that his participation was even canceled in virtual events, rumors of his possible death were unleashed, already denied by Buckingham Palace.

But what would happen in the event of his death? There is a very well defined government plan in the United Kingdom: Operation London Bridgeof which the newspaper “The Times” gave details in its edition of September 3, 2021, citing the “Politico” website.

The plan establishes the security measures that should be followed in the 10 days after the deathcontemplating a city of London overwhelmed by crowds.

Queen Elizabeth II has covid.

What is the plan about?

Said plan stipulates everything from how the news will be announced and how the mourning will be observed to how the Queen’s coffin will be taken to London.where the European nobility and from other regions would be housed and, of course, how the new king would be proclaimed.

Operation London Bridge is constantly updated, adapting to situations such as the pandemic and, obviously, the contagion of the queen and even, as happened now, of Prince Charles.

The British government is concerned that London is reaching the limits of its capabilities in basic services, such as food supply, transportation, accommodation, security and health services. And in a scenario in which covid-19 is still present, concern increases.

Obviously, The possibility of terrorist attacks is also contemplated..

The first moments according to Operation London Bridge

In the hours after the queen’s death, briefing calls to the prime minister, cabinet secretary and other ministers and high-ranking officials would take place. The private secretary of the queen (currently Edward Young, 55, is in charge) would be in charge of notifying the prime minister (Boris Johnson) and the office of the Privy Council.

The flags in Whitehall, as the government buildings on that street in central London are popularly known, will be lowered to half-staffideally within ten minutes of breaking the news.

The royal family’s website will switch to a black waiting page with a short statement confirming the queen’s death. The UK government website will display a black banner on top. British government officials are prohibited from retweeting the story without authorization.

On the day of the queen’s death, the prime minister will have an audience with the new king, who will address the nation at 6 p.m. The prime minister and others were to attend a service at St. Paul’s, Britain’s iconic cathedral, that evening.

Day to day

  • D+1: Official proclamation and pronouncement of the new king.
  • D+2: The Queen’s coffin will return to Buckingham Palace. If she dies in Scotland, her coffin will be taken to London under what is known as Operation Unicorn. If her coffin has to be returned, it would be part of Operation Overstudy.
  • D+3: Charles will embark on a UK tour, starting in Scotland and passing through Northern Ireland and then Wales.
  • D+6: The queen’s coffin will go on display in Westminster Hall, in an operation codenamed Feather. The room will be open 23 hours a day, with tickets issued for VIPs to attend.
  • The prime minister and the queen are said to have agreed that the day of the state funeral will be a day of national mourning. It will be effectively a bank holiday, although not described as such. If the funeral is on a weekend or an existing bank holiday, an additional one will not be provided. The government does not plan to order employers to give their staff the day off.

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What would happen if Queen Elizabeth died? The British government has a precise plan