When Alessandra Rosaldo was Selena Quintanilla’s double, according to Eugenio Derbez

He is one of the Mexican artists who enjoys a prodigious creativity, which has helped him to give life to great productions and characters that are recognized throughout the world today. One of the latest occurrences of the artist who gives voice to Shrek’s donkey has been to compare his wife with the deceased .

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As is customary, the Mexican actor always fills his life partner with compliments and compliments. On this occasion, the protagonist of “No returns accepted” assured in social networks that his partner has a similarity with the , after she published a photograph during Thursday of Memories or also known as the Throwback Thursday.

The vocalist of ‘Sentidos Opuestos’ He joined the fashion of some characters in the artistic medium and posted an image on his Instagram account, which dates back to the 90s, when he worked as a chorus girl for Paulina Rubio and Alix Bauer.

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In the middle of the wave of positive comments towards the singer, appeared , who did not miss the opportunity to leave a mischievous message to his beloved, assuring that in those years he had a resemblance to the interpreter of ‘Amor Prohibido’.

“You looked like Selena!”Derbez wrote between the comments, accompanying his message with a surprised emoji. This undoubtedly caused Rosaldo’s followers to show reactions in favor and against the comparison made by the protagonist and creator of “La familia P. Luche”.

According to Eugenio Derbez in this photograph, his wife looks like Selena Quintanilla (Photo: Alessandra Rosaldo / Instagram)

Followers began to fill Alessandra Rosaldo’s Instagram comment box with messages such as: “Obviously no, hear me no”, “I also noticed the resemblance, but now it is beautiful”, “It might give her an air, but Alessandra is much prettier”, “Nothing to see, Selena is incomparable”, “Don’t exaggerate, how do you make that comparison?”, “No, Selena looks like Ale”.

Users who follow Rosaldo’s account were not happy with what her husband had said and tried to find another meaning for it. They rehearsed the hypothesis that the Mexican actor would have referred to the also singer Selena Gomez, since I never specified with which artist the resemblance was being made.

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Alessandra Rosaldo was born on September 11, 1971 in Mexico City and has stood out in the artistic world for being a great singer, dancer, composer and sometimes actress. She is the daughter of music producer Jaime Sánchez Rosaldo and Gabriela Barrero.

His great talent was reflected after in 2006 he won the second edition of the Televisa program “Dancing for a Dream”. In the world of acting, he has participated in several soap operas which have had great success in various countries.

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When Alessandra Rosaldo was Selena Quintanilla’s double, according to Eugenio Derbez