When Ninel Conde rejected Mario Cimarro

What happened to Mario Cimarro and ? Several actors and producers have assured how complicated it has been for them to work with the heartthrob of “Pasión de Gavilanes” and other soap operas. One of them is the famous “Killer Bombón”, who was encouraged to tell how that enmity arose.

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During an interview on the Tu-Night program with Omar Chaparro, Ninel Conde recalled her lawsuit with actor Mario Cimarro, with whom she worked on the telenovela “Mar de amor”, which aired between 2009 and 2010.

The actress explained that the reason for the bad behavior of the famous leading man from “Pasión de Gavilanes” is because he refused to go out with him. Apparently, that hit the self-esteem of the acclaimed actor and he was willing to give him the change. Here the story.


In the program Tu-Night, Ninel Conde participated in the dynamic “I suck it, I sing it or I tell it”, which consists of revealing controversial moments in his career. When asked about which celebrity she hit or rejected in the worst way, the story with the controversial Cuban actor came out.

The “Killer Bombón” recalled that the conflict he had with Mario Cimarro was because he did not agree to go out with him when they recorded the soap opera “Mar de amor”, at which time she was married. “(I hit) a teammate because he behaved somewhat rude… He saw that there was no channel (to flirt) and he behaved rude”, he remembered, although at first he didn’t want to say who he meant.

The singer, finally, said that it was the Cuban and explained that the actor misbehaved inside and outside the recording set of the soap opera, which he starred with Zuria Vega.

her husband intervened

Many years ago, in an interview with “Gordo y la flaca”, Ninel Conde said that he would never work with Cimarro again, but he did not give details so as not to tarnish the soap opera. Her then-husband, Juan Zepeda, however, was more frontal.

“Ninel spoke to me and yes, the actor Mario Cimarro really abused his strength, mistreated and hurt my wife, physically initially and verbally after the scene. I already found it, I already told him, and it seems that the boy understood, I already told him that I don’t want that to happen again.”said about a decade ago.

Mario Cimarro, at the time, denied that he had mistreated the actress and said that he would have no problem working with her again because he is a professional man.

Mario Cimarro and Ninel Conde in a scene from "Sea of ​​Love" (Photo: Television)
Mario Cimarro and Ninel Conde in a scene from “Mar de amor” (Photo: Televisa)


In 2008, Mario Cimarro was summoned by Nathalie Lartilleux to be the protagonist of the telenovela “Mar de amor” together with Zuria Vega, but almost when the recordings were finished he was fired, due to his lack of commitment to work and respect for actors and directors.

At the time, the producer of the melodrama said that he had to remove it, after he was absent from the recordings of the final scenes of the telenovela. The production had separated a farm in Campeche, Mexico, to record the end, but Mario Cimarro never appeared and they had to suspend everything. It was missing 40 scenes. If you want to know how they finished recording without the protagonist, .

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When Ninel Conde rejected Mario Cimarro