When William Levy “conquered” Lorena Gómez

remembered for starring , not only stands out for his great professionalism in acting, but also for being one of the most sought-after leading men and for his great friendship with several actresses. Precisely, Lorena Gómez posted a photograph where they appear together and this has attracted a lot of attention.

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Lorraine Gomez is a renowned Spanish singer who has also shown her great talent for acting. Many of her fans remember her for having participated in television programs such as “What a happy time” of Telecinco and in “The best years of our lives” by the 1.

In those spaces, she showed that she was born to sing and that her songs were the favorites of the public. This is how between 2015 and 2016 she presented in Miami, the first single from her third record work.

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Lorena Gómez is a renowned Spanish singer (Photo: Lorena Gómez / Instagram)
Lorena Gómez is a renowned Spanish singer (Photo: Lorena Gómez / Instagram)

Two years before Lorraine Gomez He had a great participation in a well-known soap opera on the Telemundo network called “The face of revenge”.

It should be noted that in addition to being a singer, Lorraine Gomez He has also participated in telenovelas such as “Marido en rent”, “Queen of hearts”, and “Turn around to make you fall in love”, among others.


Apparently the singer and actress, Lorraine Gomez, has a good friendship with the actor well, he remembered the moments that they worked together through a photograph which he published in a story of his .

From when we made novels, what good times we had!”, was the message that accompanied the photo that quickly went viral on social networks and that surprised the fans of the Cuban actor.

Photograph published by Lorena Gómez in her Instagram stories (Photo: Lorena Gómez / Instagram stories)
Photograph published by Lorena Gómez in her Instagram stories (Photo: Lorena Gómez / Instagram stories)

Lorraine Gomez He wanted to demonstrate his great talent in acting and that is how in 2013 he traveled to Miami and participated with the Cuban actor in the Telemundo soap opera “The face of revenge” which won the applause of the viewing public.

There I would work with , the Cuban actor with whom he created a great friendship. Many point out that thanks to the charisma and simplicity of the actor he was able to “conquer” with his friendship to Gómez becoming good friends.


was born on August 29, 1980 in Havana Cuba). He had two brothers but they were abandoned by their father when they were still children.

In high school he stood out for his great talent for baseball, standing out above his peers. He would then arrive in the United States with his family.

After participating in important productions, Levy became a very famous actor.

Got married with Elizabeth Gutierrez whom he met in 2002. In March 2006 his first son, Christopher Alexander, was born, and in 2010 they completed their family with Kailey Alexandra.

At the end of 2021, he announced his separation from his wife Elizabeth Gutiérrez through social networks, although they also made it clear that they will have a good relationship for the benefit of their children.

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William Levy was born in Cuba but now triumphs in the United States (Photo: William Levy / Instagram)
William Levy was born in Cuba but now triumphs in the United States (Photo: William Levy / Instagram)


As revealed-– William Levy’s father abandoned him when he was still a child, but this helped him learn to see things better and mature despite his young age.

With only a quarter of a chicken per person per month, one loaf per person per day, and limited food rations, I was always hungry (…) We didn’t have luxuries like toothpaste, so we used charcoal and baking soda”, Levy points out in a post published on his Instagram. .

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Given the rumors of a possible romance with Alicia Sanz, William Levy He was not silent and wanted to go out to clarify what his situation is with the Spanish actress.

The Cuban actor sent a message to reporter Tanya Charry from “El gordo y la flaca”, a Univision program, making his position clear and asking for respect for his family.

I haven’t seen that girl since we made the movie. I saw it now in Spain for the Latino Awards, nothing more, and I don’t want this magazine to start with disrespect towards me and my family.a”, clarified the Cuban actor.

Days after confirming his single status, William Levy was linked to the Spanish actress Alicia Sanz, who would be the reason for the marital crisis with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, according to some specialized media.

Alicia Sanz, for her part, has not yet ruled on William Levy’s marital breakdown. She only shared a message on her Instagram account, expressing: “God’s timing is perfect”, to which William Levy “liked”. .

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When William Levy “conquered” Lorena Gómez