Who is Andrés Tovar, Maite Perroni’s new boyfriend and Claudia Martín’s ex-husband?

The new couple affirmed that they have known each other for more than 20 years and that after both their last romantic commitments will end decided to start their romance: “For the first time since we met, we gave ourselves the opportunity to discover each other from another place, to see each other with different eyes and today we are very happy together“They mentioned on their respective Instagram accounts.

The actress and singer is known throughout Latin America for the successful musical and television productions in which she has worked, however, Andrés Tovar, the new heartthrob of the former RBD, is known broadly.

Here we tell you who is the man with whom Perroni is giving herself a new chance in love and why his name also appears in major projects on the small screen.


Who is Andrés Tovar? This is how his career has been

Andrés Tovar is 39 years old and is originally from Chiapas, Mexico. Currently, it is the producer of the morning ‘Sale el sol’, from Imagen Televisión, but his career began with Pedro Torres with the company El Mall, there he worked as executive producer of the series ‘Gossip girl Acapulco’.

In his professional networks he describes himself as a “creator of new formats, adaptation and development of international formats”. In his career he adds international projects such as Telethon, ‘Uggly Betty’, ‘Heroes of the North’ and ‘Chloroform’ to name a few.

Her career as a creative took her to the United States, where she participated in the horror and psychological suspense series’ Tell me a story‘.

Tovar has also ventured as a businessman, owns an audiovisual company where he carries out independent projects for Mexican and international companies.

The love of Andrés Tovar and Maite Perroni in controversy


At that time, the ‘Rebelde’ actress was also pointed out as the third person involved in the relationship, a rumor that was soon clarified.

In Tovar’s statement that was read that day in the show he produces, denied that the former RBD had anything to do with the ending of her marriage with the protagonist of Como Tú No Hay 2.


After the speculation, the protagonist of Mexican soap operas such as La Gata and the businessman announced that they would undertake lawsuits against TVNotas magazine, and in the recent statement in which they made their courtship official, they pointed out that it was due to those legal processes that they had kept silent.

We have experienced harassment, blackmail, manipulation and our safety and that of our families has even been put at risk ”, they point out in a part of the text that they published together with a series of photos in which they are seen in love.

“Things were not as they were told and we don’t want to be part of this media circus (which seems to have to support the people who are dedicated to the medium of the spectacle, since under the pretext of ‘freedom of expression’ limits are broken in which people’s lives are violated and destroyed). For this reason it is very important for us to clarify this situation ”, they sentenced.

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Who is Andrés Tovar, Maite Perroni’s new boyfriend and Claudia Martín’s ex-husband?