Who is Carla Vigo, the queen’s niece who criticizes Letizia’s toned arms: “They don’t look good on a girl, I would look horrible”

Carla Vigoniece of
Queen Letizia, has taken a step forward just now and unfortunately so out of sheer unconsciousness. Letizia Ortiz’s niece, 21, has wanted
Give your opinion about her royal aunt and about her cousin and future queen Eleanor at the most inconvenient moment: when the visit of the
King Juan Carlos first to Sanxenxo and then to Zarzuela it occupies everything. He thus adds another stone in the shoe for the royal house, where they probably see
overwhelmed at the time of putting out so much friendly fire by family members who do not listen to reason.


Letizia Ortiz, makeup that rejuvenates and favors

What happened to Erika Ortiz?

Who is Carla Vigo? She rose to fame as a little page at the wedding of the kings, where she accompanied Victoria Federica.
Daughter of Erika Ortiz, who died in 2007, is trying to carve out a career as an actress and model although, at the moment, she only seems to take advantage of her relationship to speak in the media. She is the hottest potato in the more than discreet Ortiz family.

The childhood of Carla Vigo (Madrid, 2000) is not without a tragic note: her mother
Erika Ortiz took her own life when his only daughter was only six years old. After her loss, the girl moved in with her father, the sculptor Antonio Vigo, but it was Letizia who became a maternal reference for Carla. That is why it is so incomprehensible that they come precisely from her
trivial comments that affect the image of the queen. Carla Vigo, in an interview expressly dedicated to commenting on her relationship with her royal family, speaks of Queen Letizia’s arms in this way: «It is her body. If she looks comfortable like that… In my personal opinion, and I don’t want them to say that I’m macho, her body is fine, but her arms are like that [tonificados] They don’t look good on a girl. If I had those arms, I would see myself
horribleBut if she looks good like this…”

Aspiring actress and with theater experience thanks to Rafael Amargo, Carla Vigo threatens to become the
awkward family that does not admit filters when commenting on any public or private aspect of the royal family, a circumstance that could further distance her from her family in Zarzuela. Vigo’s Instagram profile shows that
dangerous naturalness with which the young woman manages her public image: the same presents her boyfriend, a match on the Badoo dating platform, who advertises products or declares himself bisexual. In fact, another of the controversial statements in her self-promotion interview abounds on a hypothetical
lesbianism of Princess Eleanor, regarding the Dutch law that would allow Princess Amalia to reign, if she chose to marry a woman.

“I think that today this could not be done in Spain,” says Carla Vigo, probably without stopping to think about the significance that her comment could have. “I don’t know if the institution would be ready, but people aren’t, not even kidding; especially because here
everything is criticized. Nor do I believe that my cousin Leonor, even if she could, would choose a female partner. I remember that, when that news came out, people said: ‘That here in Spain could not be done, because we are behind’. We are not mentally prepared. In other countries, people go a little more to their roll and, if there is a law, then they pay attention to it and that’s it ».

Why Letizia’s niece is an actress

The truth is that the young Carla Vigo does not seem to realize (let us opt for caution) the delicate position in which she finds herself, at the disposal of all kinds of characters and initiatives that seek
link up somehow to queen Letizia. It was Rafael Amargo who contacted Queen Letizia’s niece to participate in Yerma, the play that premiered in December 2020 in Madrid, just when he was arrested for his alleged involvement in a drug trafficking crime. It was a year later, in October 2021, when he signed Vigo, although she had no acting experience. In April 2022, the director and dancer jumped into the media complaining that
Letizia Ortiz had not attended to see his work.

«With so many solidarity acts that he does, he would have the first of all to support his niece. She supports so many people… The first thing is to support one’s house and one’s blood”, she declared. Recently, Amargo has returned to value the talent of signing him. He admitted that Carla is a bit
“scattered”: “Just as Alejandro (son of Ivonne Reyes) is more focused, she is more dispersed,” he pointed out. “She has a very big heart. She gives me a lot of vulnerability and a lot of love».

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Who is Carla Vigo, the queen’s niece who criticizes Letizia’s toned arms: “They don’t look good on a girl, I would look horrible”