Who is Felipe, the son of Roberto Pettinato whose apartment caught fire in Palermo

An apartment in the building on Calle Aguilar at 2390 in palermo it burned in Monday night hours. According to LA NACIÓN, the police officers who entered found a lifeless person. Three others were also injured by the incident, including Philip Pettinatoone of the sons of the renowned television host Roberto Pettinato.

Philip is 29 years old and he is the father of a girl of 3. As he usually shows on his social networks with his posts, the little girl helped him get ahead after several complications that he experienced with his health in recent times.

Felipe Pettinato was denounced for the alleged sexual abuse of a minor
Felipe Pettinato was denounced for the alleged sexual abuse of a minorInstagram

In March 2021, Felipe was admitted to the Pirovano Hospital by a “controlled aggressive psychiatric outbreak”during which he would have tried to attack his sister Tamara and his mother, Cecilia Dutelli. Although that episode was a difficult moment, shortly after He reappeared publicly and dedicated a few words to his loved ones.

“I have the support of my family, I always had it and They take care of me so much that they tell me not to go here or there because the journalists are going to be asking me things and the truth is that I have nothing to hide”, he expressed in August 2021 before a mobile from intruders (America TV).

Felipe and Roberto Pettinato
Felipe and Roberto PettinatoArchive

A few months before that, he was back in the media spotlight following a Complaint of sexual abuse made by a 14-year-old teenager, stepsister of her ex-partner, Sofía Colasante. The fact that it is still in the hands of Justice.

Sofía and Felipe met in 2013 through social networks and lived an intense romance. However, seven years later they separated amid conflicts and cross accusations. “My ex-wife He was unfaithful to me from 2017 to 2020 with Martín Moyanothe ex of my sister Tamara and the father of my nephew ”, assured at that time in dialogue with Angel of Brito in The Angels of the Morning.

Felipe Pettinato and Sofia Colosante
Felipe Pettinato and Sofia Colosante

Although the separation was in bad terms, on several occasions he described his daughter’s mother as his great support and affirmed that she helped him financially in various situations that he went through throughout the years in which they were together.

Philip became a father September 11, 2018 with the arrival of Juana Michela. At the time, she made the announcement through a post on her Instagram account moments after giving birth.

The day Felipe Pettinato presented his daughter Juana Michela
The day Felipe Pettinato presented his daughter Juana Michelainstagram capture

The girl’s middle name has a special meaning, as she chose it in honor of Michael Jackson. Pettinato’s son considers himself a fan of the king of pop and because of this he underwent several surgeries to look like.

At present, he has already performed more than six rhinoplasties and as a consequence of that He suffered serious health complications. At one point he had to be hospitalized due to an infection in the nose and in his last step through the operating room found that he was having trouble breathing. Shortly after he was able to recover and was happy to sing and dance again.

Thank you for giving me back my air, my breath, my sense of smell, now I can sing and dance without suffocating, I can taste food, I can kiss. So many years of friendship and with unparalleled humility and humanity. You gave me my life back friend, thank you from the heart and from the nose! ”He expressed on social networks along with a photo of the doctor who performed the reconstructive surgery on him in 2019.

The photo that Felipe Pettinato shared with his doctor in 2019
The photo that Felipe Pettinato shared with his doctor in 2019instagram capture

The word of Roberto Pettinato after Felipe’s hospitalization due to the fire

This Tuesday, the name of Felipe Pettinato once again resonated strongly in the media as a result of a fire that occurred in his apartment in the Palermo neighborhood where I know found a dead person. According to his own Roberto on his Radio Pop program, found out what happened in the early hours of this Tuesday and quickly called his daughter Tamarawho told him that the young man “it’s okay”.

“I am going to tell you about the little misfortunes of everyday life, of ordinary life. I got up in the morning to do the program, at a quarter to six, I started talking with the producer, with Iván. And well, a hilarious thing because I found out exactly at the timeat that time”, introduced the driver.

He then reiterated that his son is in good health despite the carbon monoxide that you inhaled as a result of the fire and detailed the information that is known so far: “I think there is one dead, three injured, etcetera, etcetera.”

On the other hand, he claimed that you are at home because you have Covid-19 and that once he finishes his working day on the radio he will contact his son: “You will say: ‘Why don’t you go?’ Because I’m stuck at home”.

Roberto Pettinato with four of his children: Tamara, Felipe, Lorenzo and Esmeralda, in 2021
Roberto Pettinato with four of his children: Tamara, Felipe, Lorenzo and Esmeralda, in 2021

After providing details about Felipe’s health, the musician said that he will not trust what is published about the event. Likewise, he warned his listeners about the information that may resurface regarding the case: “Please, believe 30% of what the yellow press is going to tell you, because Now they are going to have a great bloody party and they are going to make any kind of disaster. You, anything, ask me”.

As confirmed by LA NACION, Felipe is admitted to the clinic with a police slogan, because he is the only witness to the death, although he is not as a defendant. Police sources assured that he was “disturbed” when they took him out of his apartment.

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Who is Felipe, the son of Roberto Pettinato whose apartment caught fire in Palermo