Who is Lauren Sanchez, the girlfriend of Jeff Bezos who has turned the billionaire into a clone of Pitbull, the Latino reggaeton rapper who loves leopard and silk

She is the girlfriend of the richest man in the world and, clearly, the person responsible for his latest and striking aesthetic mutation.
Jeff Bezos stepped down from CEO chair at Amazon in July and, since then, it is unleashed. At 52 years old, he has immersed himself in the sweet life of
rentier billionaires, with no other occupation than his own entertainment.

At his side shines with its own light a mysterious woman named
Lauren Sanchez, responsible, they say, for the new look of the most powerful book seller on the planet. The photo has gone around the world leaving it almost breathless: in it we see Bezos and Lauren on his yacht, with a very tight 600 euro silk print shirt and white jeans
about to explode accompanied by unspeakable glasses. They celebrated New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean delighting us with a new clone image of the rapper Pitbull.
Jeff Bezos is 58 years old. and like any self-respecting famous person, he also has
problems with his ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos.

In a world where
millionaires don’t pay any attention to their clothes, reduced to a cowboy uniform and black sweater (along
Steve Jobs), basic sweatshirt (across
mark zuckerberg) or ugly t-shirt
Elon Mark), Bezos flies high. There is hardly anything left of the chubby-looking nerd from the next door neighbor, an image he left behind when Amazon exploded as the planet’s favorite store and became one of the richest men on the globe.
His conversion into the shaved and short version of Putin when he dreams of The Rock It was very fast, but what nobody expected was that that fan of the Top Gun look would transmute into a lover of exquisite fabrics and youthful trends. Watch out: a style icon is born. But what style, you might ask.

From what we see on Instagram,
Jeff Bezos style credibilityIt closely resembles that achieved by Amazon’s efforts to become a global fashion hub:
minimal slashing. The basic error of both operations, corporate and personal, may lie in an overestimation of one’s own virtues. Indeed:
even if you have the muscles and stature of a reggaeton rapper, let’s say Pitbull, that doesn’t mean you have the attitude to steal his look in such a brazen way. Of course, your girlfriend, in this case Lauren Sanchez, is going to say yes to everything. Let’s see who dares to clip the wings of a man who owns 200,000 million euros, the equivalent of the GDP of 54 poor countries in the world. Lauren, of course not.

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez They met at Wimbledon 2019, where she attended as a journalist. She was still married to the father of her three children, the Hollywood agent
Patrick Whitesell, CEO of the almighty William Morris Endeavor agency that leads Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Michelle Williams or Denzel Washington.
The crush between Bezos and Sanchez was instantaneous and ruined a 14-year marriage. Many blamed it on her seductive power, who was considered a true goddess of sex with her own method appropriately called ‘the Sanchez method’ in the misogynistic gossips of the internet. The daughter of the second generation of Mexican immigrants and born in Albuquerque, Lauren is a familiar face on television, where she has been a reporter,
news anchor (won an Emmy 1999) and entertainment programs. His professional reputation is second to none.

Despite his professional success,
Lauren Sanchez’s true vocation is that of a pilot, and there the fuse may have been lit with the second Bezos, the one who liked to dress up as Tom Cruise in Top Gun and who, in fact, owns his own aerospace aviation company called Blue Origin. Sanchez owns a company dedicated to aerial filming called Black Ops Aviation, with its own hangar in Santa Monica where it keeps a Cirrus plane and an Astar 350B helicopter. View the air connection,
It is understood the huge ring that Lauren Sanchez already shows on her finger and that is screaming wedding in 2022. It would be her third marriage (before Whitesell she married NFL player Tony González), one in which the agenda would go a little beyond fashion. They say that he wants to revive the bad image of Bezos by dint of donations, to position himself as
some new Bill and Melinda Gates. He, meanwhile, is more concerned about not dying. He is investing millions in the so-called industry of immortality. As for no.

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Who is Lauren Sanchez, the girlfriend of Jeff Bezos who has turned the billionaire into a clone of Pitbull, the Latino reggaeton rapper who loves leopard and silk