Who is Tamara Báez, L-Gante’s girlfriend

Elian Ángel Valenzuela, known artistically as L-Gante, is an Argentine cumbia singer. In 2020, he rose to fame after launching “L-Gante Rkt” in collaboration with Papu DJ, which has more than 250 million views on YouTube and managed to position itself in the top positions of the Billboard Argentina Hot 100.

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Since the beginning of its career, L-Gante has not stopped reaping popularity and success. The Argentine singer is aware that being famous exposes his private life, so he has tried to keep a low profile. However, his love life has already become known.

L-Gante is in a relationship with Tamara Baéz, a 22-year-old girl with whom he has been in a relationship for several years and who is the mother of his first daughter, Jamaica. Young people have starred in some crises in their courtship, but despite the twists and turns they have remained together.

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Tamara Baéz is the girlfriend of the Argentine singer L-Gante. The young woman is 22 years old and is the mother of the singer's daughter (Photo: Tamara Báez / Instagram)
Tamara Baéz is the girlfriend of the Argentine singer L-Gante. The young woman is 22 years old and is the mother of the singer’s daughter (Photo: Tamara Báez / Instagram)


She is the girlfriend of the Argentine singer L-Gante. The young woman is 22 years old and is the mother of the singer’s daughter, Jamaica.

The young woman was present in his life from his beginnings in music. Tamara Baéz was a schoolmate of a friend from L-Gante and she met the singer when he was not famous.

Since L-Gante was shown with his girlfriend Tamara Báez, the popularity of the young woman has grown like foam. She is approaching a million followers on her Instagram account and is becoming more and more active with her different daily posts.

Tamara Baéz has become an influencer and through her social networks she shares everything she does during her day and her daughter’s growth, as well as special moments with L-Gante.

In addition, it has been characterized by always responding to criticism and questions from users. She does not remain silent and always has a phrase to confront anyone who wants to make her feel uncomfortable.


During an interview with Juana Viale for the El Trece channel, L-Gante told how he met Tamara Baéz. At that time the young woman was pregnant with her first daughter, Jamaica.

“She was a schoolmate of a friend of mine, of my good friends from the neighborhood. And nothing, I liked her and she didn’t pay attention to me “, the singer began.

Then she added: “at one point she gave me a little attention and we got together with her and my friend, we met, everything, and that’s how it was. Then I started to hang out without my friend ”.

When Juana wanted to know how long they had been dating, the ragman looked at Tamara. “And how long will Tamara be?” He asked. “We came and went so many times that we no longer have an anniversary, let’s say,” he said.

In the five years of their relationship, L-Gante and Tamara Baéz started a family and had Jamaica. The interpreter of “Malianteo 420” enjoys great success and fame.


In mid-September, L-Gante and Tamara went through a strong relationship crisis. “I run for mine, for mine and for my daughter. Zero feelings because even the person who lives off my rib gets fame and then talks about me ”, was the singer’s message.

Later, his girlfriend made a strong release. “I wish you the best and you can see your daughter when you want and when you can, but I never want to see you again,” he wrote and clarified that the singer does not support her financially, but receives the help of her mother and her stepfather.

But that was not all. Tamara accused L-Gante of not having been present in the first weeks of the life of the daughter they have in common and of having been unfaithful to her. And although it seemed that everything was given for them to separate, they returned to show themselves together in a recital and affectionate messages were dedicated through social networks.


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Who is Tamara Báez, L-Gante’s girlfriend