Who is the father of Pamela Silva’s son?

Who is the father of Pamela Silva's son?


Pamela Silva reveals the identity of the father of her son Ford, it is the Canadian businessman Jordan Siberry.

Almost two years after the birth of his firstborn Ford, Pamela Silva revealed the identity of her baby’s father in an exclusive interview with the magazine People in spanish. The happy parents posed for the first time together for the most recent edition of the American publication.

In his conversation with People en Español, Silva revealed that the Canadian businessman Jordan Siberry is the father of his adorable baby: “He is a private person, who is not in the media, who has never been and who does not want to be in the media. , and I always wanted to respect that. I think it was important now because it’s part of my son’s story, and my son has already become a public figure by extension of me.”

The television presenter of Peruvian origin continued mentioning that she does not have a romantic relationship with her son’s father: “We met many years ago and remained friends for many years and then we had Ford. He will always be a person that I will love very much. The love for the person who is the father of your child is always there in one way or another, and he will always be family.

Siberry admitted to the magazine People in spanish that becoming Ford’s father has been one of the greatest blessings of his life: “Becoming a father opened up a part of me that I didn’t even know existed. Even on my worst days, seeing him smile makes me forget any evil.

Pamela Silva He asserted in the interview with the American magazine that he wants his son to always have a father figure present in the most transcendental moments of his life: “The relationship that my son has with his father is important. I want him to have a good fatherly example, to know that his mom and dad will always be there supporting him in everything.”

When talking about the dynamics of Ford’s coexistence with his father, Silva highlighted: “I think the dynamic is quite healthy. It is always part of our important celebrations. He has never missed a Christmas, an Easter, a Mother’s Day, he always says present, and I thank him for always being involved in Ford’s life.” While Jordan Siberry expressed what Ford’s arrival in his life meant: “The world has changed for Pamela and me.”

Pamela Silva confessed to People in spanish who does not rule out the possibility of giving herself a new opportunity in love and enlarging her family: “I am always open to love and I believe that God always has a perfect plan. I would love to have more children, I would love to formalize a family. With whom I still don’t know. I have enjoyed that facet of motherhood so much that I would love to live it again.”

Who is Jordan Siberry?

According to your profile on LinkedInJordan Siberry resides in the city of Miami and is the founder of a company called PIA LLC.

Siberry, who recently joined social networks like Twitter and Instagramshared an adorable ‘self-portrait’ in the company of his son Ford inside his car.

In his interview with the magazine People in spanishthe businessman of Canadian origin affirmed that his first-born has changed his life in a positive way: “The world has changed for Pamela and me.”

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Who is the father of Pamela Silva’s son?