Who is the mask. Tatiana is eliminated; They accuse reality of fraud

Reality Who is the mask is in the final stretch of its third season where the identity of recognized figures of the Mexican artistic milieu, from tiktokers to singers, such is the case of Kunno, Lorena Herrena, Dulce María, Sandra Echeverría or Faisy. In the broadcast last Sunday, two new faces were revealed, that of Carnivorous, who turned out to be Tatiana, Y Lazy, which hid Erik rubin; However, the recent deletions generated the annoyance of netizens who accused of fraud to the Televisa program.

After a long semifinal battle, fans had to say goodbye to the character of Carnivorous, that when hearing the screams of “Mask off!” took off the costume for confirm Yuri’s accurate suspicions, because the singer managed to identify the tracks and discovered that it was nothing more and less than Tatiana, The queen of children.

Among the bets of the rest of the researchers, the names of Alicia Villareal, Mariana Treviño and Fey. Once the mask was removed, Tatiana mentioned that several of her tracks made reference to the soap opera Amy, the girl with the blue backpack, which she starred in with Danna Paola.

“I’m leaving sad not because I left Carnívora, but because I left all these beautiful people who treated me like a queen without knowing who I was. Thank you, I love you, I adore you and I want to continue seeing you,” he concluded.

Lazy is Erik Rubín

But in the same episode in which the fans said goodbye to Tatiana, they also had to face the expulsion of Erik Rubín, former Timbiriche and husband of Andrea Legarreta. Despite his spectacular musical number in which he performed the song “Livin ‘La Vida Loca, “by Ricky Martin, the singer failed to maintain his place in reality under the character of Perezoso.

“The truth is a challenge, a great experience. Getting into this mystical, magical character, the truth was a challenge, I lost like three kilos easy, in truth it must weigh almost 15-20 kilos, but incredible and the truth is something that took me in the heart, “said Erik Rubín.

Fans demand departure from La Hueva; They accuse ‘Who is the mask’ of fraud

The elimination of Tatiana and Erik Rubín generated a stir in social networks where the program became a trend because Internet users they accused the production of Who is the mask of fraud, claiming that neither Carnivore nor Lazy they deserved to go out and even pointed out that the result was fixed.

And it is that for weeks in networks the rumor circulates that behind the character of The roe it’s found Emilio Osorio, which has unleashed the annoyance of the reality’s followers who have demanded the elimination of the son of Juan Osorio and Niurka, Well, some stressed that if it reaches the final, reality would be bought.


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Who is the mask. Tatiana is eliminated; They accuse reality of fraud