Who was the second eliminated from The House of Famous 2?

Who was the second eliminated from The House of Famous 2?


Natalia Alcocer (from left to right), Nacho Casano and Brenda Zambrano

During the broadcast this Monday, May 23, “The House of Celebrities 2”, a new celebrity said goodbye to the competition after being eliminated by the popular vote of the audience. Among the group of nominees in this second round of eliminations were: Natalia Alcócer, Brenda Zambrano and Nacho Casano.

Natalia Alcócer was the first participant to return home after being saved by the viewers’ vote. Upon returning to the house, she Alcócer exclaimed: “Good always triumphs and people know that I am being sincere.”

Nacho Casano was the second participant saved by the public.

Brenda Zambrano became the second eliminated from the second season of “La Casa de los Famosos” after obtaining a total of 53% of the vote from viewers.

At the time of Casano’s return to the house, many of the participants could not hide their astonishment at the elimination of Zambrano, who was considered one of the celebrities with the largest number of fans since entering the competition.

The comments of the viewers did not wait in the Telemundo social networks after the elimination of Brenda Zambrano was announced: “We took you out”, “Fraud”, “Bravo, Danielita follows”, “She was very gossipy and people don’t like that. Also, what made me decide to vote against her was when she began to judge Ivonne and Eduardo’s relationship, she and Daniela said very strong comments against Ivonne. The next to go is Daniela. Let’s go home to nominate her”, “Everything is a fraud in this program, it does not work… People do not decide, you are the ones who make the decision of who stays, I repeat it again, it is a total fraud”.

After leaving the competition, Brenda Zambrano made her first statements known at the time of being interviewed by Héctor Sandarti and Jimena ji: “These are things that have to happen, it is a game at the end of the day. It was a super nice experience, the short time I was there I met wonderful people, I got a very big surprise and that is what I am left with”.

When asked about what saddens her most about leaving the competition, Zambrano broke down in tears and expressed that what she would miss the most about the competition would be her partner Laura Bozzo: “They had spoken to me very badly about Laura, who was very bad person… When I met her and treated her, I saw that she was a wonderful being.”

“The things that happened in there, they stay in there, I am going to be with the best attitude and from now on, what follows. I stay with the things I did, I think I was wrong in many, we all make mistakes, but I think I was faithful to who I had to be faithful to, to the people with whom I made friends. I beat wonderful beings”, pointed out the Mexican star.

Know the steps you must follow to vote in “The House of Celebrities”

  • Enter the voting section of “The House of the Famous” on the Telemundo website, select the photo of the contestant you wish to remove and press the vote button.
  • You can vote fifty times a day, either for the same participant or by combining the votes with the rest of the celebrities in danger of elimination.
  • If you wish to vote, you must do so exclusively through the website of Telemundo so that your vote is totaled by the production of the reality show.
  • Week after week, the voting and elimination process is the same, so you must follow the same steps to vote for the various personalities that will be in danger of elimination.

Know the rules to vote in “The House of the Famous”

  • Inside of the voting periodyou can vote every Thursday between the hours of 8:30 PM and 9:00 PM ET until the following Monday between the hours of 8:30 PM and 9:00 PM ET.
  • Voting to remove a participant from “The House of the Famous” are open exclusively to residents of the United States. Votes from other countries will not be counted.
  • Any attempt to exceed the number of votes assigned per day: Fifty times from the same computer or smart device.
  • Online voting is subject to standard Internet access charges. If you navigate to the voting page online or via mobile phone, data rates may apply.
  • By voting, you agree that you will not use any unofficial third-party service to cast votes on your behalf. Telemundo reserves the right to disqualify, block or eliminate any vote of any person who votes through an electronic, mechanical or automated means, or who otherwise manipulates the voting process.
  • Telemundo is not responsible for any damage caused to voters’ devices that may arise from the use of the voting service.
  • Telemundo reserves the right to modify the contest or reality show voting rules, the official voting rules and the terms and conditions of this voting process at any time in its sole discretion.

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Who was the second eliminated from The House of Famous 2?