Who will be the heirs of Vicente Fernández? This says his will

Behind the death of the popular Mexican regional singer, Many wonder what will happen to Vicente Fernández’s inheritance, its estimated value and who will be the heirs of the interpreter of ‘Divine Women’.

What did Vicente Fernández die of?

As we inform you in our coverage, Vicente Fernández’s state of health suffered a severe blow, after being admitted in July 2021 for urinary tract problems and a few weeks later he returned to the hospital after a fall he suffered at his ranch in Los Tres Potrillos, located on the outskirts of the city of Guadalajara, in Mexico.

Even if the singer’s health improved and even it was said that he had returned to his ranch, at the end of November he returned to intensive care maintaining a critical state of health after various complications, among which would be the collapse of one of his lungs, according to various media.

Thus, his body no longer showed improvements and it was this Sunday, December 12, that, after a day full of rumors about his presumed death, the family of ‘El Charro de Huentitán’ reported the death of the patriarch.

Likewise, another of the unconfirmed rumors that circulated during the previous Saturday on social networks was that of an alleged visit by two lawyers and a notary to the hospital where he was the actor and businessman, who would be present to fix the last details about his will, although ‘Chente’ would have already left his assets in order, as revealed on several previous occasions.

How much is Vicente Fernández’s inheritance

According to the page ‘CelebrityNetWorth’, a portal that offers estimates of the economic net worth of celebrities, the fortune of the so-called ‘Sinatra de las rancheras’ would amount to an approximate of 25 million dollars, around 525 million Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate.

Said amount does not include the earnings made through royalties and endorsements, but is based on the net worth that he acquired through his 32 films and his multiple appearances on stage as a singer, as well as recordings and tours throughout more than 50 years.

Among the assets of Vicente Fernández’s inheritance is also the VFG entertainment arena in Guadalajara; their handmade charro suits that are around 17 thousand US dollars; his miniature horse breeding business on the ranch; and his tequila, which is sold as a limited edition of $ 100 a bottle.

Equally, the Fernández family owns several private planes which rents out to other artists for private trips, which cost $ 3,600 per hour, according to a popular Mexican entertainment magazine.

Who will be the heirs of Vicente Fernández

Throughout the last few years, the singer made it clear that he had already prepared his will on different occasions, which he has done since his health problems began in 2002, when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

By the way, in this other note you can see the complete history of his family, from their parents to their great-grandchildren.

According to his statements, his objective in making it clear what would happen to Vicente Fernández’s inheritance was to remove his family’s worries and not leave him helpless. to his wife, Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, with whom he shared 58 years of marriage.

‘I am a cautious man. Everything I have belongs to my children and my grandchildren, and I left a small part for my wife and me, so that I don’t have to ask them when I am missing. If my wife leaves first, with that money I won’t have to ask anyone for anything. I am a man who thinks now and in the future. ‘

Thus, although the exact percentages for each of his relatives and who will be the recipients of each of the properties that are included in Vicente Fernández’s inheritance are unknown, the heirs will be Alejandra Fernandez And his brother Vicente Fernandez Jr., along with their children: Ramón, Sissi, Fernanda and Vicente Fernández IV.

Likewise, the children of Alejandro Fernández: América, Alex, Valentina, Emiliano and Camila Fernández (as well as the daughter of the latter, Cayetana) are also in the will of the interpreter of ‘These jealousies’ and ‘Hermoso Cariño’.

Rumors around Vicente Fernández’s will and his inheritance

However, at the moment it is unknown if Alejandro Fernández will also be part of Vicente Fernández’s heirs, since in 2019 the singer claimed to have removed it from his will for their excesses and attitudes.

Although the famous known as ‘El Potrillo’ has moved away from those scandals, at the moment it is unknown if the music producer also remained firm in his decision or if he changed his position.

On the other hand, the rumor has also circulated that Gerardo —The youngest of the biological children of ‘Chente’ and ‘Doña Cuquita’ whoever is included in Vicente Fernández’s inheritance – will be in charge of managing all the singer’s assets.

However, this has not been confirmed (or denied) by the family either, so this information could be subject to being denied by the Fernández Abarca family.

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Who will be the heirs of Vicente Fernández? This says his will