Why Amber Heard copies the ‘looks’ of Johnny Depp in the trial that faces them?

The trial for defamation that Johnny Depp faces these days against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, gives substantial material for the gossip press every day. Lurid details of the relationship, terrible cross accusations and even the subtle gestures of the protagonists are the talk of those who love the details of the B side of Hollywood and its stars.

In that sense, now one more detail of the judicial process has appeared that caught the attention of those who rigorously follow this scandalous legal duel. It turns out that users noticed the very disturbing fact that Heard copies the clothing and look depp almost traced. That’s how it is. If the actor wears certain clothes one day of the process, the next she wears exactly that same outfit.

This strange action of the actress, which has practically become a custom in the successive days of the process, generated all kinds of theories and speculations among network users who follow the trial. But in all cases the conjectures suggest that the accused of defamation uses the trick of copying the costumes to, in some way, psychologically impact her ex-husband.

However Shannon Curry, a clinical and forensic psychologist hired by Johnny Depp’s legal team to testify, had this to say about the unique behavior: “(People with these disorders) take on the personality of the subjects they want to be with: the way they dress, the interest, the way they talk.”

Curry emphasized that Heard is “shallow, pretty empty” on the inside and lives in the “extremes.” Hence, her marriage to Depp has had so many impasses.

Other possible reasons

To delve into the reasons that would lead Heard to imitate the looks of her ex-husband, The nation from Argentina consulted the psychology graduate Verónica Posteraro, who warned from the beginning that the attitude of the actress “has many readings”.

First of all, the specialist mentioned the Austrian psychologist, Melanie Klein, who coined the term “identification with the aggressor”. Along these lines, she pointed out that this concept defines “a very archaic and complex defense mechanism used unconsciously by those who have been victims of a violent or traumatic event.” In cases of abuse, rape, or a violent act, the victim “feels devastating anguish and blends in with the person who hurt her to protect herself psychologically, so as not to feel pain, not physical, but mental.”


“This identification mechanism is a way of internalizing the aggressive characteristics of the victimizer in an attempt to control him -continues the psychologist-. That is, the victim identifies with a person she is afraid of, which in this case would be Amber Heard with Johnny Depp.”

According to those who noticed this Heard strategy, it has to do with a way to manipulate him psychologically.

In any case, Posteraro is aware that this is only one possible interpretation, adding that “you have to take it with a grain of salt” before going to a second possibility. Thus, the actress’s attitude of cloning her ex’s clothing can also be interpreted as “a way of identifying with each other, to show that they are family, or that they have the same values,” according to the specialist, who puts As an example of this reading, what different urban tribes do, especially adolescents, who identify themselves by their way of dressing and by their outfitssuch as the “darks” .

Another reading carried out by the graduate in psychology, graduated from the UBA, has to do with a handling by the actress towards her accuser. “The third issue is that it seems to be a bit deliberate manipulation on her part. Because looking at what Depp is wearing and wearing the same thing the next day is something perverse. There is a manipulation there. To what end? I don’t know, you’d have to get into her head a bit. Perhaps so that he can empathize with her, which I highly doubt will happen, “explained Posteraro.


It should be said that the interpretation that supports the manipulation by the actress was one of the most repeated among users of social networks, who spoke, among other things, of a “psychological tactic to subdue him”.

Subsequently, Posteraro recounts the alternatives of the trial, to see and understand the attitudes of each of those involved. “There is a former relationship. They were married and divorced and she accuses him of beating him and he in turn sued her for defamation. But Depp lost other lawsuits as well, in fact he has lost a contract with Disney, so you have to take his behavior with a grain of salt.”

“Lastly, it was discovered that she lied regarding the use of a makeup that she used to hide the bruises that he left when he hit her, and the makeup company that she used at the time that she was the victim, in quotes, of Johnny Depp, well, he wasn’t for sale. So if she Amber lied on that occasion, what stops her from lying now, ”added the psychologist.

“The point is that this is quite intriguing. Very intriguing and has many perspectives”, concluded Posteraro.


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Why Amber Heard copies the ‘looks’ of Johnny Depp in the trial that faces them?