Why did Amber Heard defecate on Johnny Depp’s bed?

In the middle of the trial between both movie stars, a doorman, a chauffeur, a financial advisor and a bodyguard steal the spotlight. In this case, the former driver of the ex-partner, Starling Jenkins III, revealed the reason why Amber Heard defecated on Johnny Depp’s bed.

According to Jenkins III, it was in 2016 that they had a conversation while he was taking the actress to the Coachella festival that year. During the drive, Amber told her that she had played a prank on her ex-husband Depp.

We had a conversation about the surprise he had left on the boss’s bed, before leaving the apartment”, said the driver.

In that sense, in his story he highlighted that what started as a joke was something that ended up going wrong. “A horrible practical joke that went wrong,” said the former employee of Amber and Depp.

Starling Jenkins III asserted that Heard blamed the dogs they had in the house, an argument that did not convince Johnny Depp, since “they are tiny Yorkies, they weigh about two kilos each (…) I lived with those dogs for many years, they were not pets”he added.

The driver also said that Amber, during her stay at the renowned music festival in the United States, became intoxicated as a result of consuming mushrooms and mixing them with red wine.

Amber Heard suffers from personality disorders

A psychologist hired by Johnny Depp’s lawyers declared that Amber Heard suffers from personality disordersduring the trial that takes place near Washington, United States, following the defamation lawsuit filed by the actor against his ex-wife.

Shannon Curry, a clinical and forensic psychologist, claimed to have personally examined Heard’s mental health. 12 hours for two days in December 2021.

Curry estimates that the 36-year-old actress, who starred in the film Aquamanhave borderline personality disorderborder line) and a histrionic disorder. “He got results consistent with these diagnoses,” Curry said.

Heard’s lawyers attempted to discredit Curry’s testimony during cross-examination, pointing out that Depp’s lawyers had hired her to testify on his behalf.

“If I didn’t find something favorable to Depp and negative to Heard, would I be an expert on this case?” asked Elaine Bredehoft, Heard’s lawyer. “I represent science regardless of what that science is,” Curry replied.

The psychologist said that some of the cMajor features of borderline personality disorder include “a lot of internal anger and hostility”, a tendency to be “moralistic” and “fluctuating moods”. “They can react violently, they can react physically,” she said. “They will often be abusive to their partners.” “It’s almost a performance.”

Curry, who has experience with US war veterans, said it was his opinion that Heard did not suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of an alleged domestic assault. Heard has “vastly exaggerated” her PTSD symptoms in a test she was given, she said.

Depp, 58, has denied physically assaulting Heard and has claimed that she was the one who was violent towards him.

Amber Heard reportedly fired from new ‘Aquaman’ movie

After the social and legal uproar that was unleashed by the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, and after the revelations that led to ruling in favor of the actor, some media have already enunciated the alleged damages that the legal mess has left to the well-known interpreter of Mera in Aquaman, role that he would not play in the next version of this film.

It is noteworthy that, a few weeks ago, an initiative to collect signatures by Jeanne Larson, a citizen of the United Kingdom who writes in the same Heard had already been “exposed as a domestic abuser” and that canceling his appearance in said film would prevent his alleged abuse from having more media exposure than it has right now. This project has already passed two million signatures, and hopes to reach three million.

As well, after it was reported that the role of the actress had been reduced to 10 minutes in total, Forbes assured that the American company Warner Bros. decided to remove Heard from the role entirely and would be looking for another artist to play the role of Mera; Apparently, the initiative to collect signatures would be having the desired result.

*With information from AFP.

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Why did Amber Heard defecate on Johnny Depp’s bed?