Why did YosStop go to prison; case timeline

This November 30, a judge ordered the suspension of the criminal proceedings against Yoseline Hoffman, better known on social networks as YosStop. In this way, the influencer will be released under some conditions, but why did she go to prison?

Why did YosStop go to prison?

YosStop was arrested and admitted to the Santa Martha Acatitla prison on charges of possession of child pornography. This after being reported by the rape victim at age 16 Ainara Suarez.

Ainara Suárez was a victim of sexual abuse in 2018

In May 2018, the 16-year-old Ainara Suárez attended a party where she was the victim of sexual abuse by four young people, who introduced her a bottle of champagne.

The attackers documented the moment and video and spread it through social networks. Said clip It went viral on the internet and reached many people, including the youtuber YosStop.

YosStop reacts to the video

After the sexual abuse video was released, Yoseline uploaded a video to her YouTube channel (currently with 8.7 million subscribers) speaking on the subject of the video, which titled Pathetic generation.

Currently, the video is no longer on the social network, but the matter was that the influencer mentioned that Ainara had consented to said abuse for a few packs of cigarettes.

The old woman allowed a bottle of Moët to be inserted into her vagina for three packs of cigarettes. Then this old woman became very popular for being that whoreYosStop stated in its YouTube video.

Yoseline asserted that Ainara “all the time she would upload naked photos and send them to guys, her friends “and what”became very popular for being that whore “, from agreement with his words.

HThere is a video that of course I am not going to put here because of pornography on YouTube, but in this video you can see that they are putting a bottle around it while the guys are shitting with laughter and it is supposed that he did it in exchange for three packs of cigar“he said about the video.

Ainara denounces her attackers and YosStop

In March 2021, almost three years after what happened, Ainara Suárez publicly denounced her sexual offenders as well as Yoseline for possession of child pornography and for verbally assaulting her when he did not know her personally.

In the meantime, YosStop dShe declared on social networks that she had not committed any crime and that they wanted to involve her in a matter that did not correspond to her.

They have wanted to involve me in a crime that I never committed. But I fully trust the truth and common sense. As I have commented in many of my videos, complaints should serve as a tool for citizen empowerment. Unfortunately I find myself involved in a matter foreign to me. But I hope everything clears up and gets resolved soon”He declared.

YosStop is arrested at his home

On June 29, Yoseline Hoffman was arrested at her home in Mexico City and transferred to the Santa Martha Acatitla women’s prison, where they imposed preventive detention. At the hearing a day later, the defense of Yoss appealed to the influencer’s freedom of expression.

In the meantime, Ainara Suárez celebrated the beginning of the process to do justice: “I just want to say that I am happy that justice is beginning to be doneIt is the first step (…), we still lack many things, but I am glad that things are flowing in this way, “he told the media.

YosStop linked for possession of child pornography

The 5th of September Yoseline was linked to proceedings for her alleged responsibility in the crime of possession of child pornography, after Ainara Suárez formally denounced her. This meant that, should she be found guilty, would be credited with a sanction between one and five years in prison.

In the meantime, mobilizations by his followers began to demand the release of the influencer Yoseline Hoffman, calling for marches and demanding his freedom on social networks. Meanwhile, another sector of users celebrated that justice was done, considering YosStop as guilty.

As the influencer, shared through her boyfriend, Gerardo González, some of her thoughts and experiences from prison, which she published through the Yoseline account.

YosStop freedom agreed

This November 30, The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office announced that Yoseline Hoffman will leave the Santha Martha Acatitla prison after five months of stay, this after authorizing the conditional suspension of the criminal proceeding against for three years.

The decision was made within the framework of a a reparatory agreement between both parties, after the agent of the Public Ministry of the Office of the Prosecutor for Processes requested the reclassification of the crime of child pornography due to discrimination and that Ainara accept the reparation of the damage offered by the defendant’s defense.


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Why did YosStop go to prison; case timeline