Why do they insist on turning Sofia of Wessex into the new Diana of Wales if she is the most boring and sleepy royal of the British royal house

Being a senior member of the British royal family is not easy.
Kate Middleton knows it, Camilla of Cornwall knows it,
Meghan Markle he knew and now
queen elizabeth ii wants to
Sophia of Wessex I experienced it assuming a role that, until now, was vetoed: that of shining on its own.

Married since 1999 with the
prince edwardwhich has always been
Elizabeth II’s favorite daughter-in-law was relegated to the background. We rarely saw her in public (only at official events) and on rare occasions her
scant royal schedule spilled over into the media. However, with the departure of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from the British royal map, her mother-in-law has decided that it is time to
take her off the bench sending her on a four-day official trip to New York by herself. Why?

There are two reasons that would have led the monarch to take this
unusual decision. The first is that he wants to erase all traces of the
annoying figure of Meghan Markleespecially after the interview that Prince Harry and she granted
to oprah and in which they drew a court royal family
racist and arrogant. The second, and the most obvious, is that the queen needs a new figure in which some of the obligations previously held by Meghan Markle fall.

Neither style icon nor effect Sofia of Wessex

That Prince Edward’s wife is parting with a
abysmal handicap regarding the other daughters-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II is more than a fact.
your wardrobe does not occupy magazine covers, little or nothing is known about his
hobbies or friends, and no scandal has ever been leaked about her, her husband or her closest relatives. Namely,
neither hot nor cold. And that, in terms of media projection, is not good.

Perhaps that is why the communication and image team of the British Royal House has taken the visit of
Sofia of Wessex to the United States of America, refuge and home of the Dukes of Sussex. have sent to
Kate Middleton it would have been
Too risky and Camilla of Cornwall would have had to be accompanied by Prince Charles; so that,
only Sofia was left.

A visit in which, although it may not seem like it, everything has been
planned to perfection. Including her wardrobe. Little given to dazzling with her stylistic choices, Sofia from Wessex has surprised everyone with the
versatility of their looks to step on the Big Apple. Although there have been two who have undoubtedly made it so far
people magazine notice her.

The first was a
loewe leather dress and the second an arty fluid design of the
British designer Victoria Beckham. She Was she pretty she? Yes. Elegant? Yes. Can we talk about the ‘Sophie of Wessex effect’? No.

Not to mention that this trip to the United States by Sofia launched a clear
message to Meghan Markle: it’s over
go alone to organizations such as the United Nations to talk about women, peace, education and development. Because let’s remember that the then royal gave
two speeches at the UN in 2015 and 2018. A fact that will not be repeated or at least not as a member of royalty.

Sofia of Wessex, the eternal high school

departure of the Dukes of Sussex of Buckingham Palace disrupted the roadmap of Queen Elizabeth II is undeniable. However the
bringing Sophia of Wessex and her husband out of the shadows (which he has also just sent on an official trip to Kenya) is a strategy that is doomed to fail and, we are sorry to say, Queen Elizabeth II is responsible for it.

The reason is that it has kept them so out of the public eye for so long that it is now impossible
show them to the world as something they are not:
relevant. In fact, two details mark the fact that they do not even play a fundamental role within the monarchy.
prince edward He is the only son of Queen Elizabeth II who
does not have a dukedom and you can’t boast of an official account on Instagram either, as if the
Dukes of Cambridge and Prince Charles and Camilla.

So what Queen Elizabeth II is trying to do is
a miracle which, clearly, is not going to happen. It is impossible for Sophia of Wessex to become overnight
the new Lady Di or become the
Meghan Markle’s surrogate. Sofía is a luxury secondary, but moving her to the front line is a risky move that the British monarch could pay dearly for. Will she get her subjects to make a hole in her hearts by
the earls of wessex?

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Why do they insist on turning Sofia of Wessex into the new Diana of Wales if she is the most boring and sleepy royal of the British royal house