Why is Chris Pratt being canceled (again) and what does Anna Faris have to do with it?

Once again, the name of Chris pratt he is navigating the trends and not precisely for any of his film projects. The actor has been pointed out by Internet users due to a publication he recently made on his social networks, which has raised quite a controversy.

And what is it about in broad strokes? Well, the points are why some users of social networks have taken their ex-partner as a ‘hint’, actress Anna Faris. And according to what they say, everything would have to do with the health condition of the son she has with her.

Chris Pratt. Photo: Getty

Chris Pratt’s post that caused the controversy

This Thursday, November 4, Chris Pratt used his Instagram account to dedicate a post to his current wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. In the uploaded photograph, only the two of them appear smiling and so far, not bad … in fact, broadly speaking, the description of the image seems to be quite romantic.

“Look how he looks at me! I mean, find someone to look at you like this!… We met at church. It has given me an amazing life a beautiful and healthy daughter… .His birthday in about 6 weeks. So if I don’t get you anything I’ll tell you to look back at this post. I love you darling”Pratt wrote in what would seem like a romantic dedication.

However, the matter went further with what has been taken as a hint towards his ex-wife Anna Faris.

Why is Chris Pratt being canceled (again) and what does Anna Faris have to do with it?

The photo that Chris Pratt uploaded with his wife Katherine. Photo: Instagram

They point to the actor for an alleged hint to Anna Faris

Well, the whole incident that has Chris pratt being pointed out in social networks, it derives from referring to Lyla, the daughter he has with Katherine Schwarzenegger, as a ‘healthy’ girl. The issue is that in networks, it has been speculated that the actor compared his current relationship with the marriage he had in the past with Anna Faris and the son he had with the latter.

Let’s remember that Pratt and Faris were married from 2009 to 2012 and as a result of their relationship, they had little jack who was born prematurely and unfortunately suffered had a brain hemorrhage. In the months after his birth, the baby had some health complications, but over the years his quality of life has improved a lot, according to what the actress and the actor have shared.

Why is Chris Pratt being canceled (again) and what does Anna Faris have to do with it?

Anna Faris, Chris Pratt and their son Jack. Photo: Getty.

Was Pratt’s comment intentional? Some Internet users have considered it that way, while others comment that although he did not intend to make a comparison -direct or indirect-, he should have been more cautious with his words given the situation of his Jack.

This comes after the end of 2020, social networks turned against him for allegedly being a supporter of a well-known church in the United States that supports conversion therapies, among other things (HERE the history). On the other hand, in February of this year, the actor was part of another controversy after being pointed out for allegedly writing some racist and anti-Semitic tweets, which he flatly denied.

Again you? Chris Pratt denies writing racist and anti-Semitic messages

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Why is Chris Pratt being canceled (again) and what does Anna Faris have to do with it?