Why Owen Wilson Doesn’t Want To Meet His Three-Year-Old Daughter Lyla

Owen Wilson and a new controversy for not wanting to meet his three-year-old daughter

Owen wilson he was immersed in a strong controversy and not because of his work but because of his private life. Your ex-partner, Varunie Vongsvirates, gave an interview and ignited the controversy. According to the woman, the actor does not want to meet Lyla, the daughter they have in common and who is currently three years old.

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Vongsvirates revealed in a report published by the DailyMail the details of the bad brotherly bond that he maintains with the celebrity. Recently, the scandal returned to the social networks and the media, due to the fact that the girl turned three years old and in a photo published by her mother, the great resemblance he has with Wilson was seen.

Lyla's mother, Varunie Vongsvirates, celebrated & # xf3; on his Instagram account the three years of his daughter with Owen Wilson

Instagram: @varunie

Lyla’s mother, Varunie Vongsvirates, celebrated her daughter’s three years with Owen Wilson on her Instagram account (Instagram: @ varunie /)

Through his Instagram account, the actor’s ex-partner celebrated a new anniversary of the birth of their Lyla and users highlighted the great similarity in traits shared by the girl and the actor.

As reconstructed by the aforementioned medium from the statements of Vongsvirates, Owen Wilson refused to bond with the little one and even refused dozens of times the custody and visits that he could carry out to meet her. For this reason, unlike the contact he maintains with his other children, The woman assured that she tried several times to generate a meeting and Wilson never showed up.

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In statements made by her in 2019 to the same site, she assured that although Wilson helps them financially, “the girl needs a father.” In this sense, he specified: “It’s ironic how Owen keeps getting these dad roles in movies when he never knew his own daughter ”.

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Owen Wilson’s ex-partner complains about him because he does not want to meet the daughter they have in common, who is currently 3 years old (AFP PHOTO / JOAQUIN SARMIENTO /)

Despite the controversy that arose over the protagonist of the hit Marvel and Disney + series, Loki as a result of the public complaint of his ex-partnerto, the Hollywood star has a completely different relationship with her other two children. The firstborn of the actor, Robert Ford Wilson,fruit of his relationship with Jade duell, is currently 10 years old.

Instagram users highlighted the resemblance that Owen Wilson has with his third daughter, Lyla

File / Instagram: @Varunie

Instagram users highlighted the resemblance Owen Wilson has to his third daughter, Lyla (File / Instagram: @ Varunie /)

Wilson’s second son, named Finn, has just turned seven years old and is the result of his love affair with Caroline lindqvist. Unlike the situation he goes through with his third daughter, Lyla, with his first two descendants, Yes, he has had a good relationship for several years.

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Vongsvirates remarked in the interview that his claim does not have to do with an economic issue since, in that sense, Wilson always did his part. Nevertheless, made it clear that what Lyla needs right now is to have a better paternal bond with the famous actor.

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Why Owen Wilson Doesn’t Want To Meet His Three-Year-Old Daughter Lyla