Why Özge Özder and Tansel Öngel got divorced

Nowadays, Y they are two of the faces that today tell time several kilometers beyond Turkish territory. And they are part of two soap operas that are popular in countries like Spain.

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In the Iberian country, She is beloved for her roles in “Doctor Miracle” and “Infiel,” where she played Kivilcim and Derya, respectively. While he has been winning the affection of the audience with his role as professor Naci in “Inocentes”.

In addition to being colleagues by profession, both actors were married in 2007 and three years later. Özge Özder and Tansel Öngel split amid infidelity rumors which at the time were main news in the specialized media. In fact, Özder had to come out to testify and clarify the situation. For his part, Öngel chose to remain silent and continue with his life away from his ex-partner.

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Özge Özder in "Unfaithful" (Photo: Medyapim)
Özge Özder in “Unfaithful” (Photo: Medyapim)


Tansel Öngel married Özge Özder in 2007 in a simple marriage in Ankara, which brought together the couple’s dearest people. The union was as talked about as their separation. The actors of “Doctor miracle” and “Inocentes” decided to put an end to their story after rumors of infidelity came out from the famous interpreter.

And is that the name of Özge Özder was involved in love rumors with singer Yavuz Bingöl, while she was married to Tansel Öngel. The actress flatly denied the allegations. However, the couple, who were said to have problems in their marriage at the time, decided to divorce in 2010.

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Tansel Öngel as Born in "Innocent" (Photo: OG Medya)
Tansel Öngel as Born in “Innocents” (Photo: OG Medya)

During an interview, the actress had to clarify the situation and put an end to the rumors. “We had a process with Mr. Tansel. We were looking for alternative solutions to see if something could be saved. Since we are a society used to abuse, those around us also had their share of things. However, Yavuz Bey was someone Tansel Bey had known since childhood and called ‘brother’ “Özder pointed out.

“It was decided that the separation would be better, it was officially decided. now we are separated “, he pointed out.

Finally, after their separation, the actress said: “People put distances or break them. What matters is the way you transcend. There is no point in talking about a relationship that has ended right now. We have no problem. We are in touch. We are professionals and we behave in the appropriate way “.

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Özge Özder is Derya Samanlı, a woman with warm energy and a lot of fun (Photo: Medyapim)
Özge Özder is Derya Samanlı, a woman with warm energy and a lot of fun (Photo: Medyapim)


Actress and model was born in Turkey on April 1, 1978. She began her artistic career in modeling, but not before participating in the plays of her high school. When he finished school he enrolled in the Ankara State Theater Conservatory, where he graduated from the 2000.

His dream of living from art began quickly and he participated in various programs such as ” Haziran Gecesi ” and ” Dudaktan Kalbe ”, receiving multiple praise from the public. He has also been working in Turkish theater and cinema for more than 20 years.


The actress confessed that fortunately the team of “Unfaithful” It helped a lot and she had a very quiet pregnancy, as the scenes were adjusted according to the process of her pregnancy. However, Özder said she had a high blood pressure problem before giving birth.

Hypertension during her pregnancy forced her to anticipate the birth of Eva Luna. According to the actress, her little girl was born two weeks before than was planned. She also had an epidural cesarean section to be able to receive her first daughter.

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Why Özge Özder and Tansel Öngel got divorced