Why Princess Carolina of Monaco is not afraid that Ernesto of Hannover will fall in love with another and ask for a divorce

He has all the cards in his hand, say the most gossiping media in France about the
Princess Caroline of Monaco and a possible
petition for divorce by
Ernest of Hannover He gave up his unstable love affair with the Spanish
Claudia Stilianopoulus. And it is that the relationship of the older sister of
Albert II of Monaco and the prince of Hanover has never been so unusual as when bets are made on how their union will dissolve.

They started dating when
he was still married to his first wife (and a close friend of Carolina), were married in 1999 when
Carolina of Monaco became pregnant in a ceremony for which he had to convert to Catholicism (a conversion that led to being expelled from the line of succession to the English throne), they had a daughter,
Alexandra from Hannover, and then they starred in famous alcohol scandals and rudeness at royal weddings and princely funerals. They finally said goodbye in 2009 to never meet again publicly … but still they still do not sign the divorce papers.

Carolina from Monaco and Ernesto from Hannover. /


Throughout these more than 10 years of separation
Ernest of Hannover has remained the enfant terrible that the pages of heart sauce need: more fights, drunkenness, scandalous idylls, even relationships
with Carolina’s friends and 20-year-old girls included. Carolina stoically endured notorious infidelities and even calls from Ibiza hospitals buying shoes in Corsica and Nice without flinching while her ex was photographed smoking hooked on a drip of serum after suffering one alcohol relapse after another … but Rainiero’s daughter he never asked for a divorce.

Why Carolina de Monaco was not divorced from Ernesto de Hannover

During all this time all kinds of speculation have been launched about the reasons that could lead the always elegant informal “first lady” of Monaco to put up with this treatment and
do not ask for a divorce. On the one hand, there are those who opt for the pleasure that the Princess of Hanover takes to hold the rank of royal highness, superior to the serene highness possessed by the woman of
his brother Albert, Princess Charlène, that sister-in-law (whom according to a certain type of press) Carolina cannot stand.

On the other hand, do not forget that
Ernest of Hannover, partying or not, is a German prince who rules over a good part of a patrimony that amounts to more than
200 million euros… who would want to stop being the wife of someone with that capital (especially if you have reached a pact not to have to see him)? How much money would Carolina de Monaco give up if she stopped being Ernesto de Hannover’s wife?

Although there are more sentimental causes at play, of course. For example, there are those who bet because the couple decided to continue together until
Princess Alexandra of Hanover reached the age of majority. In a trial for her custody, the Monegasque would have everything to lose to the prince with more money, more rank and more resources than her. Start a fierce court battle for the custody of the girl you
Ernest of Hannover he left with his mother in 2009 was never in his plans.

In the mind of the German prince surely resounded at that moment the pain he felt at losing custody of his own nephew in a similar court, a family drama of which
Ernest of Hannover never recovered.

Why Carolina of Monaco fears less than ever that Ernesto de Hannover will ask for a divorce

The years go by and not in vain and Princess Alexandra is of legal age … no one can decide for her with whom or where to live. We will never know if
Carolina of Monaco it would annoy him or not to lose the title of royal highness, if his “pique” with his sister-in-law Charlène is fictitious or not, if he decided to reach an agreement with Ernesto de Hannover’s ex to prevent him from having more legitimate children (another of the theories that have been handled for years) … What is clear is that at this time
Ernest of Hannover It is difficult for him to file a claim for divorce, and the Italian, French and German press know it.


The best looks of CArolina de Monaco

From the French France Dimanche to the Italian Yeslife to the German Bunte they all highlight the same news: the poor health of
Ernest of Hannover and his continuous scandals caused by his erratic behavior have made Carolina have all the cards in her hand. According to Austrian law, the country where her husband still resides, when the state of health of a spouse is as serious as that presented by Ernesto de Hannover, he is declared not responsible for his actions.

What does this mean? That in the eyes of the Austrian justice Ernesto de Hannover
I couldn’t ask Carolina de Monaco for a divorce even if I wanted to nor marry his new girlfriend if that were his will. To achieve this, he should have the consent of Carolina of Monaco, that of an Australian court and the approval of a family council … of which the son that Ernesto of Hannover himself will face in court this November is a part.

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Why Princess Carolina of Monaco is not afraid that Ernesto of Hannover will fall in love with another and ask for a divorce