Why wasn’t Deyvis Orosco’s family at Cassandra de Lamadrid’s baby shower?

and that is why a few days ago they celebrated the that is on the way. However, a detail caught the attention of the couple’s followers: the cumbiambero’s family was not present.

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According trome fountains, no member of Deyvis Orosco’s family like his mother Eva Atanacio and brother Piero Orosco were present at the baby shower. In the nine tables that were inside the event room there were only family and friends of Cassandra and her mother Jessica Newton, as well as the baby’s godfather, who would be close to Deyvis. What happened?

An Instagram user noticed this detail and commented on a photograph by the mother and brother of the cumbia ‘bomboncito’, however, the renowned event organizer Jessica Newton replied: “All very well, thank you very much.”


Deyvis Orosco’s mother’s decision not to appear in the it would have been to continue keeping your privacy and staying away from television cameras, as he has always wanted.

Weeks ago, the absence of the family of drew attention to what Jessica Newton’s daughter had to come forward to clarify to avoid further speculation.

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My mother-in-law hasn’t liked showing up or exposing herself since Deyvis’s dad was famous. He has always decided to stay out of it. Both she and my brother-in-law have asked us to respect their privacy and not to upload photos or content with them on social networks. This does not mean that we do not share beautiful moments together or that we do not have photos together, on the contrary, my house has several beautiful images ”, wrote in an Instagram story.

Cassandra Sánchez stressed that, no matter how much the public demands something of her, she will not comply with those wishes because she will always put the well-being of her family first.

“Then no, there is nothing strange about it. It’s called respect and just because people or the general public want to demand that something be done. We will always respect the wishes of our family. Even if that means having to endure the comments full of toxic prejudices that I have seen in several people “added.

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Very seldom has it been seen that post pictures with your mother, however, it was on a special occasion that you dedicated a tender message to her. For this year’s Mother’s Day, the singer thanked him for all the support he has given him throughout his musical career.

Words would not be enough to describe all the Love I feel for you, day after day I work tirelessly to make you feel proud of the man I became, and all that is thanks to you. Thank you Mom for having always believed in everything I told you, time passed and I fulfilled you !! I thank God because he gave me the best Mom in the world “, wrote the ‘bonbon’.


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Why wasn’t Deyvis Orosco’s family at Cassandra de Lamadrid’s baby shower?