Why we have not seen Marta Chávarri at the wedding of her son Álvaro Falcó with Isabelle Junot: this is how she has managed to hide from everyone (and this is the mysterious life she leads now)

It has been the great disappointment of spring: the star of the wedding of the year, the link between
Alvaro Falco (38 years old), Marquis of Cubas, and
isabel junot (30), has not wanted to show himself in any photograph. We have not seen her in magazines or on social media, although she had the important role of
escort your child down the aisle. To the surprise of many, she has decided to be a
invisible godmother. We expected a spectacular return to public life from
Marta Chavarrithe queen of the social chronicle in the 80s thanks to an eventful sentimental life that fascinated pink Spain.

The last time
was seenvery briefly and sheltered behind the mask, it was in 2020, when the press went to the vicinity of his house to find out why he had not attended the funeral of
Fernando Falco, father of his son, in 2020. An image very similar to the only one that has transpired these days, inside a car and also with sunglasses and a mask. Marta Chávarri has decided to become a kind of Spanish Greta Garbo and
become invisible to cameras and flashesperhaps for the same reasons as the Swedish diva.

Where did Álvaro Falcó get married?

The Chronicles
describe without photo Marta Chávarri’s look: a haute couture design by the Tot-Hom firm, made up of a short tunic in navy blue silk crepe with ostrich feathers on the sleeves and palazzo pants. He could not be admired by the more than 200 guests at the wedding of Isabelle Junot and Álvaro Falcó, since the vast majority
could not access the small chapel Mirabel Palace, an architectural jewel from the 15th century owned by the Falcó family in Plasencia. The bride and groom said ‘yes, I do’ in the strictest privacy, accompanied only by the godparents and the witnesses. It seems that Marta Chávarri and Philippe Junot, father of the bride,
they avoided meeting at all times and they did not even accompany their respective children to the altar, perhaps because the relations between the two are not entirely fluid. It seems that at the time they had a romance that has not left a good memory in the memory of both.

It must not have been an easy wedding to plan for the bride and groom, undoubtedly conditioned by Marta Chávarri’s complete aversion to appearing in public. Not only did she not pose for any photographs, but she could have
withdrawn to a room during the reception and subsequent celebration, to receive only chosen friends there. Why so much mystery? We barely know anything about the life of Marta Chávarri, although it has transpired that
go to painting classes and continues to regularly see her best friends, including Elena Cué, wife of her ex, Alberto Cortina, and Paloma Segrelles.

What happened to Marta Chávarri’s face?

A plausible explanation for his total disappearance may have to do with a domestic accident that he suffered in 2013 and that caused him some facial paralysis and a physical change in his face: it had to be
operated on one eye in a prestigious Oviedo clinic and had to
reconstruct part of the jaw with a titanium prosthesis. Greta Garbo decided to hide the traces of her aging on her face so that the world would remember her in the fullness of her beauty and Marta Chávarri could have decided the same. Or, perhaps, save yourself the comments of a press of the heart that at the time
tore it to shreds.

Daughter of the diplomat Tomás Chávarri and great-granddaughter of the Count of Romanones (and, therefore, niece of Natalia Figueroa, Raphael’s wife), Marta Chávarri (62 years old) became a Marchioness when she married Fernando Falcó, Marquis of Cubas, in 1982. The following year they had their only son Álvaro and at six, they separated after publishing some
photos of Marta with her lover, Alberto Cortina, at that time married to the businesswoman and millionaire Alicia Koplowitz. The thing did not end there: in a turn of events in the film, after the breakup, the Marquis of Cubas began a relationship with Esther Koplowitz, Alicia’s sister. The divorce was bloody
Marta lost custody of her son and experienced significant humiliation: some photographs revealed that
she wasn’t wearing underwear. She on her night out and she even had to leave the house stuck in the trunk of a car to escape the paparazzi. She was the queen of scandal.

How much money does Marta Chávarri have?

Marta Chávarri separated from Alberto Cortina at the age of four and disappeared, after a divorce that left her in a
unbeatable economic situation (more than 6,000 euros per month and ten million pesetas at the time, the newspapers revealed at the time). In addition, he won a lawsuit against Interviú, the magazine that published the controversial photos in which it was perfectly clear that
she wasn’t wearing anything under her pantieswhich still holds the record for the highest fine ever paid by a Spanish publication: 34 million pesetas in 1995.

After separating from Cortina, Marta Chávarri had
several romances that already discreetly transcended in the columns of the social chroniclers: Philippe Junot, Jorge Juste (ex of Ana Obregón), the banker Javier Salaverri (with whom he spent five years, until 2002), Luis Albert, Quique Herrera and the British artist Richard Hudson, with whom she broke up in 2009. In 2012 Marta was photographed with her new partner, the
tax inspector Antonio Gutierrez Marcet.

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Why we have not seen Marta Chávarri at the wedding of her son Álvaro Falcó with Isabelle Junot: this is how she has managed to hide from everyone (and this is the mysterious life she leads now)