Will Smith and his most embarrassing sexual relationship: “I don’t know what he was thinking”

On November 9 it went on sale ‘Will’, the first autobiographical book that the actor has published in collaboration with writer Mark Manson. “A book about life stories and lessons”, described Smith weeks ago and that has taken him two years of hard work because there were many things to tell, many of them totally unknown and that hide some of the most embarrassing episodes that he has lived .

Like the one who starred with his teenage girlfriend, Melanie Parker. The actor writes frankly about her, with whom he was “deeply and totally in love.” He met her at Overbrook High School and describes her as “beautiful” with a “seductive mix of insecurity and quirkiness surrounding a seething core of artistic brilliance.”

Parker had lived in Philadelphia with her aunt because her mother was jailed for murdering her father, but she was kicked out of her aunt’s house after a fight. Smith, fearing that Parker would be “sent back to Minneapolis and taken to a foster home”, implored her parents to let her stay temporarily with them. They agreed, Parker stayed in the basement and Smith promised his mother “not to have sex”. But he broke the rule and his mother witnessed it.

A stealthy mother and an awkward situation

“My mother should have been sleeping, but that night she went for a cup of coffee. And in slippers that were too quiet, she walked over to the kitchen threshold and flipped the light switch as he had done tens of thousands of times before. But this time, his eyes fell on his eldest son and his girlfriend in a reckless sexual relationship, “says Smith.

“In adolescence, apart from physical injuries, You can’t feel worse than when your mother catches you and your girlfriend doggy style on the kitchen floor“adds the actor, who shares in his book that his mother violently returned to her room after the interruption and Parker moved in with his aunt again.

“I’m still not sure why I did what I did that night. To this day, I have no idea what he was thinking. Of all the experiences that I am sharing in this book, this is the individual moment of personal behavior that makes the least sense to me“, ditch Will Smith.

The end of the relationship

The actor assures that I was only 16 at the timeBut he was “determined” to build a life and a family with Parker. They continued dating for several years after that, but after the rapper returned home from a two-week tour, he discovered that Parker had cheated on him. Despite their infidelity they reconciled, but Will Smith acknowledges in his book that he never forgave him.

Their relationship deteriorated when the artist was going through a difficult time after bad reviews received for his 1989 album with DJ Jazzy Jeff, ‘And in This Corner …’, which caused him to behave in anger. “She was the victim of one of the lowest moments of my life. Yeah we were young, yeah we hurt each other, but she didn’t deserve how I treated her, she didn’t deserve how it ended“Smith concludes.

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Will Smith and his most embarrassing sexual relationship: “I don’t know what he was thinking”