Will Smith comes up with a new title in Hollywood that we never would have imagined before the slap

Will Smith could boast of being one of the most prestigious and acclaimed actors in Hollywood. The affection of the public, the non-stop of projects and having behind him mythical titles of popular culture made him someone untouchable in the industry. But everything has changed from his smack to Chris Rock at the last Oscar awards galaand now the attitude seems to be the opposite.

There is no more to see the reactions that the world of entertainment is showing what stands as the most talked about moment of 2022. Although at first it seemed that Smith would continue to dance the water regardless of his attitude on the stage of the Dolby Theater -especially valuing the clamor with which he was applauded after winning the Oscar after the incident-the actor of Williams method is experiencing first-hand the consequences of being carried away by violence in front of millions of viewers, with projects put on pause, abandonment of important positions or jokes that would previously have been unthinkable before a Hollywood bigwig like him.

Will Smith at the Óscar Vanity Fair Party (Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage/Getty Images)

Will Smith at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party (Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage/Getty Images)

In the first place we have seen it with the Hollywood Academy itself, which after seeing Smith’s reaction to Chris Rock’s joke about Jada Pinkett Smith announced that it would open an investigation and retaliate. The actor, probably sniffing out a possible suspension of his academic membership, avoided sharing this dishonor with expelled controversial personalities such as Harvey Weinstein or Roman Polanski and resigned individually to the place that allowed him to vote in the Oscars. But the matter was not going to stop there.

Faced with the controversy, and knowing that he is going to accompany the actor for a long time, studios such as Sony or Netflix have put the films they were preparing with him in limbo. In the first case, they have put in the drawer of oblivion the fourth installment of Two rogue policemena tape that would reunite the actor with Martin Lawrence after the success of Bad Boys for Life in 2020. Looking at the box office data of that one, which became the last pre-pandemic success with more than 426 million dollars raised worldwide, it seems clear that Sony could recover the project once the waters calm down, but for now , this is a blow to Smith, who is left without one of his star projects because of a bad image.

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Although it seems worse the case of Fast and Loosethe film I was preparing with Netflix. It is an action thriller about a crime boss who, after losing his memory in an incident, discovers that he was carrying a double identity as a CIA agent. Before the controversy of the Oscars jumped to the fore, director David Leitch had left the film to take charge of fallguy with Universal, which added to the current case of Smith has made the streaming service decide to stop the project. Although in this case, according to media such as The Hollywood Reporteris “understandably wary” of going ahead with it in the future or doing it with another star or director.

On the other hand, from Netflix they were also bidding to get a movie about the life of Will Smith. Given the actor’s cache, there was a close battle with Apple TV+ to get the rights to his autobiographical book which involved a millionaire investmentbut since The Sun They collect that both companies had withdrawn from the bid after what happened at the Oscars. And this, without a doubt, is a severe setback that makes it clear how much Smith has squandered his career and his chances of aspiring to a high reputation with high income per project.

And it is even clearer seeing that in just one week it has become a comic target.

Whereas just a few days ago he stood as someone prestigious and untouchable who only seemed to receive support and affection, from programs like Saturday night Live they have begun to bait with his figure parodying his commented smack to Chris Rock. It happened on April 2, when comedians Jerrod Charmichael and Chris Redd entered to address the issue playing Smith himself and a casual spectator in the Oscar seats.

The sketch recreates a Will Smith immersed in his role as a powerful man in Hollywood, oblivious to the consequences or interested in them, as he continues chatting with the fan in the midst of the chaotic moment.

And it is not the only example, since this same weekend the Grammy Awards have also entered to parody Will Smith and his slap. It was Trevor Noah, the comedian in charge of conducting the gala, who in his opening speech made reference to the controversial words with which Smith addressed Rock after hitting him on stage.

“We’re going to listen to music, we’re going to dance, we’re going to sing, we’re going to keep people’s names out of our mouths, and we’re going to hand out prizes all night long.”Noah joked in direct relation to the phrase “keep my wife’s name out of your mouth” that the actor of The Williams Method He spoke at the Oscars.

In addition, also during the Grammys, when the musician Questlove went up to present an award, he dared to refer to the controversy again. “I am going to present this award and I trust that you will keep 150 meters away from me”he joked before handing out the Grammy for Best Song of the Year.

It is clear how much Will Smith spoiled in just a few seconds of the Oscar gala. No matter how much reputation he has behind him, an act of violence is unjustifiable and the consequences are inevitable. And it is that neither the public nor the industry can turn a deaf ear to this event that was seen by millions of viewers around the world and that has not stopped dragging controversy and debate since then. At the endSmith is left with no choice but to accept the consequences of his actions and this new title in Hollywood, going from respected star to laughing stock in his industry.

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Will Smith comes up with a new title in Hollywood that we never would have imagined before the slap