William Levy already has a substitute for Elizabeth Gutiérrez

By William Guzman P.

A few days after William Levy announced on his Instagram account that he had definitely ended his almost 20-year relationship with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, it is confirmed that the Cuban-American actor maintains an idyll with the Spanish actress Alicia Sanz, whom they point out as the culprit of the couple’s breakup, which is officially separated for the fifth time!

It is said that Levy and his new partner? They have been living together in Los Angeles for about eight months, where they are both fighting for the long-awaited opportunity to enter Hollywood. “They live together, they look very close and this time things are serious since William Levy does not hide that he is in love,” commented a source linked to the actor.

Alicia Sanz, the new promise of Hollywood has Spanish blood - Photo 2

It should not be forgotten that Levy has been involved in several controversies, including the rumors that rolled about his nights of rumba and sex in Colombia, while recording a new version of the telenovela “Café con aroma de mujer” in 2021. According to the press and the relationship of the artist, 41 years old, and the Mexican star was deteriorating.

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez never married, but they lived together for 19 years. Their bond was in “the eye of the hurricane” on more than one occasion due to the alleged infidelities of the heartthrob, who in the past 27 January, announced a new break with the mother of his three children. “…After thinking it over, we have decided to end our relationship. But we will continue to be the beautiful family that we are…”, he wrote on his Instagram.

The beginning of the end

The story (of love and pain) between William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez began in 2002 when they participated in the reality show “Protagonistas de telenovela” where they had an immediate “crush”. Four years later they became parents to Christopher Alexander in 2006 and later to Kayle. Everything was going smoothly…until a rumor of infidelity began to tarnish the relationship.

“chunk” one

In 2009, William Levy landed his first leading role alongside Jacqueline Bracamontes in the novel ‘Sortilegio’. It was commented that the two artists were understanding each other too well. At the time, the actor told TvyNovelas: “The truth is that now we are no longer together. However, we feel calm, “he said to refer to the fact that his union with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, who was waiting for his second, had ended. At the end of the recordings of ‘Sortilegio’, they resumed their relationship and in 2010 Kailey was born…and they continued to be happy…in appearance.

“chunk” two

The second break occurred in 2011, when the actress decided to take a step forward through a press release. I want to make it publicly known that I have made the decision to end the relationship that I have had for eight years with William Levy., indicated the model. There was talk of a third person in discord. In 2011 the couple got back together.

“chunk” three

In 2014 William Levy returned to Televisa to make a soap opera with the former Miss Universe, Ximena Navarrete, who was romantically linked when they recorded ‘La Tempestad’. Discord would return because in December they announced separation again. “Any decision we make as a couple is between us…”, pointed to People en Español.

In February 2016, the couple bet once again on love. “I think that in any couple the fundamental thing is to support each other, give each other wings to fly. In any couple that is fundamental, and giving the other space to grow and not be a hindrance”, confirmed Elizabeth Gutierrez.

“chunk” 4

mid 2019 and with social networks stronger than ever, the heartthrob ventured into the world of cinema in the film ‘In the arms of a murderer’. And at the premiere of the film, the couple arrived separately and there the Cuban made it clear that they were not well. According to bitana.com, the actor arrived alone and when asked about his wife, he replied: “I think she’s coming after a while, I don’t know.” Once again the ghost of the rupture began to haunt the already destroyed home.

“Chunk” 5:

All the comments and information that appeared after the announcement of the fifth separation of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez point to the 33-year-old actress Alicia Sanz, with whom they have been seeing each other since last year.

both met 2019 on the set of the movie In the arms of a assassin, where both formed a couple and had to record passionate bed scenes. There they would have had a short idyll that they would have resumed at the end of 2021. They assure that she was the trigger for the unstable relationship between Levy and Gutiérrez to end up exploding… and “colorin, colorao”!…

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William Levy already has a substitute for Elizabeth Gutiérrez