William Levy hints at “lying versions” and suspects Jacky Bracamontes

William Levy hints at “lying versions” and suspects Jacky Bracamontesbecause although it seemed that the affair between the actress of “Sortilegio” and Elizabeth Gutiérrez, former partner of the actor, had come to an end, the publication of the protagonist of “woman-fragranced coffee” has created new doubts.

It was years ago, when precisely William Levy and Jacqueline Bracamontes they filmed the telenovela Sortilege when it happened a romance between the two. At that time, William had a relationship with actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez and the couple’s second daughter also arrived, so the relationship with Jacky did not prosper.

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The very protagonist offools don’t go to heaven” revealed the details in his autobiographical book and although the subject had given rise to talk at the time, it recently took on new airs when Elizabeth Gutiérrez mentioned it in an interview, denying that she had gotten pregnant “to tie the actor down” as Jacky Bracamontes did. implied in his book.

Although Jacky Bracamontes stressed in a recent appearance that she would never speak ill of another woman, much less of a mother, she even invited her to read the book so as not to take her words out of context, today it is her own William Levy who arouses suspicion with a mysterious message.

“My face when I listen to the person who tells the lying version of the story and I know the whole truth,” the “Triunfo del Amor” actor shared in his Instagram stories

William Levy hints at

William Levy created doubts with his most recent publication.

William Levy did not give more details, but without a doubt he has shown great maturity in facing the criticism after announcing his definitive separation from Elizabeth Gutiérrez more than twenty years after starting their love story.

William Levy, with a calm mind and excited about the new stage of his life

Some claim that the image of William Levy could also refer to those who invent how the separation with Elizabeth Gutierrezif there was infidelity or not, well the same actress has defended him emphasizing that he is a great man to whom he wishes the best and that he is also an excellent father.

Elizabeth acknowledged that William Levy has kept an eye on her and her children, as both consider children to be their priority and continue to live together without any problem. The actor has not given rise to more gossip and has simply replied that he hopes that everything they wish for him in this new stage will multiply his followers.

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For now William Levy is very excited preparing his new project “Monte Cristo” for the Latino audience in the United States and does not let anything steal his peace, showing that he has a calm mind and that the truth always comes to light.

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William Levy hints at “lying versions” and suspects Jacky Bracamontes