William Levy: the actor of Café con aroma de mujer debuts as a model in Spain

Since starring in “”, It has been a constant topic of conversation. Not only for the role as “Sebastián Vallejo”, but shortly after he separated from the beautiful . She now surprises her fans, posing for the campaign of a famous Spanish brand.

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This is not the first time the 41-year-old actor works as a model. She a few years ago she did a photo shoot for the controversial Italian brand “Dolce & Gabbana”. However, she had never worked in Spain.

Recently, she showed off her best poses for the first-summer campaign of one of the brands of the “El Corte Inglés” group.


“Emidio Tucci” is the brand for which he modeledwearing all kinds of outfits. One of the most elegant and formal looks that she wore was a spectacular tuxedo. It consisted of a black tailored jacket and trousers, a plain white shirt and a classic bow tie. For a modern twist, instead of classic loafers, she wore black suede sleepers.

William Levy models a tuxedo for the Spanish firm (Photo: El Corte Inglés / Instagram)
William Levy models a tuxedo for the Spanish firm (Photo: El Corte Inglés / Instagram)

Another of the suits they showed was one that gave the feeling of a millionaire on his yacht. Slightly less formal than the previousIt consisted of a double-breasted black dress jacket, cream-colored straight-cut trousers, and a sky blue shirt. On this occasion, she did wear brown loafers.

In the third outfit, gray prevailed and it was perfect for a wall street businessman. It was a set of pearl gray jacket and pants, as well as a white shirt and a steel blue tie with a geometric pattern.


To show everything that can be done with “Emidio Tucci” garments, they built more casual looks, but kept their sophisticated touch. William Levy wore a short black trench coat. Underneath, he wore beige pants that were paired with a striped shirt. To give it an urban and comfortable touch, they added mahogany brown sneakers.

Lastly, he used one of our favorite outfits for spring: cream-colored pants and a military green shirt that he wore with the sleeves rolled up and the first buttons open. Definitely, “El Corte Inglés” made a good decision by choosing itbecause many have already run out to get the clothes for their partners to recreate the look.


The Cuban actor has participated in Latin American soap operas and American programs. At age 15, he emigrated to the United States where he studied performing arts and it was there that he began his professional career.

He debuted on television with the telenovela “Never forget you”starring Sonya Smith. Little by little she was acquiring more papers until she arrived his first main role alongside Maite Perroni in “Cuidado con el Ángel”. This novel broke audience records and established him as one of the most attractive actors on television.

As for productions in English, he participated in films such as “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” and game shows like “Dancing with the Stars”. Besides, has accompanied Jennifer Lopez in her music video “I’m Into You”.

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William Levy: the actor of Café con aroma de mujer debuts as a model in Spain