William Levy: what does Elizabeth Gutiérrez think of her son’s girlfriend Christopher Levy

the son of the Cuban actor and of at his early age he has found love and does not hesitate to shout it from the rooftops, what does his mother think about it? You can’t imagine it, but here we tell you.

MORE INFORMATION: Who is Avery, the girlfriend of the son of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez?

The 15-year-old sports lover has found love in a young woman named Avery, a situation that contrasts with that of his parents who at the beginning of this 2022 announced the end of their relationship of almost 20 years, but who maintain a good relationship and prioritize the upbringing of their children Christopher and Kailey.

There are several images in which the teenagers, who would have been in a relationship for several months, are seen embracing and sending each other loving messages. To all this, what does the famous mother of Tophy think, as they say to the firstborn of the Levy Gutiérrez, will she be jealous or nosy? How does she get along with the young woman?


the teenager who is called Tophy, has been very much in love with the beautiful , who shows off their relationship on social media, where with just three posts and several stories, they now have more than 8,600 followers. It seems that he has given the blessing to the relationship, but he does not refrain from giving opinions and giving advice.

Christopher Levy and his girlfriend (Photo: @ave_mish)
Christopher Levy and his girlfriend (Photo: @ave_mish)

In an image in which the young woman appears dressed in military colors and Tophy has his face painted, the bride put the title “love and war”Elizabeth commented the following: “No war, just love”, next to a heart. Christopher, for his part, put “love you” on the comments. “I love you too, handsome”answered the .

Everything suggests that the mother-in-law relationship is good, because Elizabeth on February 19 tagged the young woman in her Instagram story and put a heart.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez and what she thinks of her son's girlfriend Christopher Levy (Photo: Elizabeth Gutiérrez)
Elizabeth Gutiérrez and what she thinks of her son’s girlfriend Christopher Levy (Photo: Elizabeth Gutiérrez)

Since the birth of her firstborn, the actress has dedicated herself body and soul to her work as a mother, leaving her career in the background and living in the shadow of the father of her children.

At the end of last month, William announced the separation of the mother of his children, after almost 20 years together. Now she wants to return to acting and is waiting for an attractive offer that will not take her away from her children, as she confessed to People en Español, in which she appears with little Kailey.


This event -as revealed by theluxonomist- occurred in October 2020, when in the State of Florida (United States).

According to the media, William Levy’s son was accompanied by two friends and everything would have happened when he took a curve at high speed causing the vehicle to overturn, injuring all its occupants.

Christopher Levy was trapped under the golf vehicle and had to be immediately rescued by a helicopter.

What consequences did the accident have?

Due to the impact and the speed with which the car overturned, Therefore, three surgeries had to be performed. Luckily for the family, everything went very well and the actor’s son enjoys his life with complete normality.


William Levy was born on August 29, 1980 in Havana (Cuba). He had two brothers, but they were abandoned by his father when they were still children.

In high school he stood out for his great talent for baseball, standing out above his peers. He would then arrive in the United States with his family.

After participating in important productions, Levy became a very famous actor. His latest leading role is, for the time being, “Coffee with the aroma of a woman”.

He married actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez, whom he met in 2002. In March 2006, their first child, Christopher Alexander, was born, and in 2010 they completed their family with Kailey Alexandra. The couple have announced their divorce.

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William Levy: what does Elizabeth Gutiérrez think of her son’s girlfriend Christopher Levy