With a cute outfit Kim Kardashian takes her charms out of the water

A recent post by kim kardashian where he appears inside a pool and then coming out of the water and thereby taking out their huge charms, has captivated millions.

Is famous influencer and American socialite is extremely active on her social networks, especially on Instagram where apparently, in addition to showing off her figure and part of her life as a celebrity, she also uses it to promote her products through her own advertising.

this time kim kardashian Curiously, she used her account for advertising, but not for her but for another company, the famous jewelry company Tiffany & Co.

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For this reason, the owner of KKW Fragrance was wearing a very sober flirty beach outfit, this one was a beige color a little similar to the tone of her beautiful and tanned skin.

There were five photos that he shared 4 hours ago on his official Instagram account, in four of them he appears showing off the accessories of Tiffany & Co., a brand that by the way he tagged in the publication, among the details we find we have earrings and rings that he is wearing.


Kim Kardashian is presumed out of the water wearing luxurious jewelry | AFP

The designs are curious, they look like knots and intertwined pieces, they all have a similar style that matches what she wears on her ears and fingers, by the way, there are 3 earrings that you can see the ones she is wearing.

By the way, her beach attire is a one-piece with a high neck that diverts attention to her ears in order to see the accessories she is wearing; It is in the first photo where we see her come out of the water a little and then show off what she is promoting through close up.

Kim affirms that she is sunbathing, while showing off her accessories that now it is not known if it was a gift for the businesswoman or they were only lent to her for the session, although it would not be a surprise to know that they were really a nice gift from her of the company.


the hair of kim kardashian evidently she was wearing it up, this so that she could show off everything she was wearing and not take anything away from her prominence.

The jewelry and goldsmith company was created in New York, United States in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young, today this luxury jewelry company is internationally known, currently the CEO is Anthony Ledru since 7 January.

Surely Ledru was the one who gave the order for Kim Kardashian to become the image of this advertisement precisely, knowing that she has more than 280 million followers on Instagram, this would attract the attention of millions, so far she has more than a million likes ´s.

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With a cute outfit Kim Kardashian takes her charms out of the water