With “her heart racing”, Carolina Sarassa introduced her baby Noah for the first time on television

On August 23, Carolina sarassa became a mom for the second time. The Colombian released the news of the birth of Noah Mattia through social networks, where he received messages of congratulations. Now, two months later, the communicator introduced her son during the show Despierta América.

The journalist, who at all times supported Noah In his arms, he talked about how happy he is for the birth of his baby, especially after knowing that he is completely healthy after being born premature:

So happy, my heart is at a thousand an hour. To think that only 8 weeks ago this child had been born prematurely and I did not know if it was going to be fine, “he commented, adding that” that little cherry arrived that my family’s cake needed to make it perfect.

Carolina Sarassa melts us with love when she introduces her baby Noah for the first time on TV

The official presentation of Noah Mattia was not only through the screens of Despierta América, but also in HOLA! USA where she and her son went the digital cover of the publication: “It is an honor for my family to be in the magazine,” he said.

The Colombian took the opportunity to ask Karla Martínez about who does noah look like, if to her or her father, because she believes that she has more physical features of Andres Chacon that of her; However, the Mexican presenter expressed that it is still too early to know, and urged her to enjoy her baby as long as possible.

Carolina Sarassa’s challenges when being a mother of two little ones

Carolina detailed how her family routine has changed now with two children: Chloé, 2 years old, and Noah mattia, 2 months: “I realized that having a child was easy… and now that we have two, we realized that we have to organize ourselves”.

The journalist said what the challenge biggest that she has had to face with her second baby, especially since Chloé is still small and also requires a lot of attention from her mother: “I think it is divide me… You realize that you don’t know who to attend to ”, she commented after recounting the situation she experiences with her children when they both need her at the same time.

Likewise, the Colombian explained that before Noah, Chloé had been her favorite; however, with the arrival of her second baby, both have taken a place in her heart: “A friend told me ‘ the heart expands‘I didn’t understand that until I finally had them both. “

Carolina Sarassa and her return to television after giving birth

A little over two months ago, Carolina was able to hold her baby Noah in her arms for the first time, and although she has enjoyed it during this time, the journalist said if she is ready to return to her professional activities and get away from her two children: “If I’m very happy to go back to work because fortunately I have a great family at work ”.

The presenter explained that returning to her job will bring her a lot of satisfaction, adding that continuing with her professional life she does so because it is something she loves and because she wants to show her babies that she can be a great working mom: “She really enjoys it, and now with the babies I think one wants to be a better mom, better human being, better example for both of them ”.

Likewise, he pointed out that returning to work will be “ very difficult”By having to separate from her children because“ I have been dedicated to them ”, which is why she has been absent from social networks by wanting to be 100% present for Noah and Chloé.

The birth of Noah Mattia, Carolina’s second baby

Carolina Sarassa’s second baby, who was premature at 37 weeks and one day of gestation, was born on Sunday August 22nd in Miami. Throught social media, the journalist shared the news of her arrival that it was due to an induced labor.

“I’m mommy again! Noah Mattia was ahead of us! This morning they decided to induce labor by determining that the baby could no longer grow any more because the placenta was stopping working, “she wrote next to the first images of her baby.


Likewise, the Colombian revealed that, after 15 hours of workShe was able to hold her son in her arms, as well as not being able to wait to go home with him and for his little sister Chloé to meet him.

On August 19, Carolina he got a scare when going to hospital after “I no longer felt the baby move for several hours.” However, after a medical examination, the doctors “confirmed that everything was fine“.

Chloé, Carolina Sarassa’s firstborn

Saturday February 2, 2019, the presenter became mother for the first time. On her Instagram account, Carolina announced the arrival of her little girl: “Guess what ?! I’m already mom! The feeling? Indescribable. Gratitude with God? Infinite, “he wrote along with a photo of the baby.

Carolina said that on a trip to Santorini, Greece, with her partner Andres Chacon, discovered the sex of her daughter: “On this trip we found out that you were a girl, we kept the envelope and promised not to open it. Thankful to God!”, the journalist explained.


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With “her heart racing”, Carolina Sarassa introduced her baby Noah for the first time on television