With his ex? They say Benito’s girlfriend did not go alone to tribute

Criticism against Nerea Godinez they are increasing !, who was the fiancee of the beloved actor Octavio Ocana every time she raises more rumors about her person, this time for not going alone to a tribute made to the actor who gave life to Benito rivers on Neighbors.

According to Dael Quiroz of Arguende TV, Nerea Godínez would have attended the reopening of Octavio Ocaña’s palms in La Plaza de las Estrellas, which he had captured as a child accompanying one of his twin sisters; however, he would have gone with someone else, a young man whom he claimed to be his cousin.

However, according to Quiroz, social networks were not left with the doubt of the girl’s companion and investigated who was the companion of the actor’s partner in the film Amor letter by letter, ensuring that it was his ex couple.

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Criticism increased against Nerea Godínez after accusing her of being a lack of respect that led one of her former partners to a tribute to the man who was to become her husband; Without considering the possibility that you are already giving yourself a new chance in love just two weeks after losing the love of your life.

According to Quiroz, in a social network account identified as “cat”, Internet users have increased criticism against the young girlfriend of one of the promises in the world of show They indicated that he had ex-partners who were not in good steps and that he could even have related the famous man with them, putting him in serious trouble.



Octavio Ocaña, they assure his girlfriend attended his tribute with his ex. Photo: Instagram.

Also people who claimed to have been her friends or ex-partners and supposedly demonstrated it with photographs, pointed to her as a woman who had a frustrated dream of being an actress and who would have used Octavio Ocaña as a means to reach the CEA on Televisa, a step towards the acting.

In that social network they would have described Nerea Godínez as an economically, emotionally unstable woman and in several senses, stability that she was looking for next to the beloved actor of Neighbors. They assure that he was happy since in a short time, it should be noted that they had only been dating for 6 months, he would have bought her an apartment, he was about to buy her a house, he would have put his son in a good school and would have given him a truck deluxe; in addition to the promise of soon marriage.

It is also worth remembering that everything said against the fiancée of Octavio Ocana They have not been more than rumors, because even if they have shared photographs with the girl, this would not be proof of what they are saying about her. For his part, Godínez has decided to stay away from social networks for a bit while the situation calms down.

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With his ex? They say Benito’s girlfriend did not go alone to tribute